MTV to Introduce 'Buckwild'

"Buckwild" will be reality show of 20-somethings in West Virginia.
2:56 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MTV to Introduce 'Buckwild'
Haven't Willis Texas City and live then you just -- on our office didn't hit it -- -- -- -- -- New show coming on MTV obviously on -- the Jersey Shore is and neither in the midst of their last season may already be over by -- but apparently now. But by Jersey Shore held low ball wild because the reality show now has about a group of rebellious twenty somethings living -- good -- West Virginia going to be at twelve episode series coming up soon and MTV the trailer speaks for itself take a listen. -- Based you know news my parents -- -- -- -- influence who and I coordinated. -- -- -- Of course folks in Jersey got mad that elect to the Jersey Shore train you know the garden state -- -- -- -- southerners in the West -- -- upset because -- this -- he had -- -- -- -- -- -- -- MTV. Get ready for months while I have -- this show will be making headlines just like Snooki. And company stay tuned out of that. This is titled why people shouldn't procreate. -- all oh defeat west Virginia's favorite Paula -- Peres -- I was born in West Virginia you don't think that I love I love West Virginia another reunion for you. What that that like -- -- -- -- some of the students. It is OK I know you don't like cats but here's -- used media used for -- aren't cake you can't have found found its way into this little. Yeah animal prize machine gun and a toy clock comes down again and can't just -- -- Lincoln itself -- and stated. I've no idea where this took place like what countries like halting -- losing. They're not show week what happened in Russia and a rush and -- animal. Little toy machine you're going to have I think that in. Men will go to get a man who. I'm comfortable and I really can't just stuffed animals yes indeed -- -- rose's. Clearly a new poll out on sixty minutes and Vanity Fair about the cable's favorite sitcom of all time apparently bottom. Up here -- -- presents and Arrested Development. 14% -- cheers sixteen -- 16% said friends 20% the honeymooners and number 122%. Side panels -- -- -- spot it's not many polls before but that I read on here. -- made -- -- -- -- Mary Tyler Moore Show and even 30 Rock but clearly the survey only directed people to those. That list of seven sitcom so we're serving my congratulations to Jerry in the -- Now what about -- didn't national cookie day and yet he's still 300 cookies say here so let's go ahead -- -- -- are our. Our yearly -- he's a good faith in sunny kitchen of firsts for sending these to ask -- a -- chocolate chip cookies. Accidentally created an ending three and 33. The woman realized she was out of nothing -- chocolate cereal output. --

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{"id":17873095,"title":"MTV to Introduce 'Buckwild'","duration":"2:56","description":"\"Buckwild\" will be reality show of 20-somethings in West Virginia.","url":"/WNN/video/mtv-introduce-buckwild-17873095","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}