It's National Cheesecake Day

Cake shops, including Brooklyn's own Junior's, offer discounts to celebrate.
1:25 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for It's National Cheesecake Day
-- we have a lot of -- here she's -- national cheesecake day that's right happens to be national cheesecake -- -- back when the earliest references -- comes from ancient Greece were apparently. -- serve two Olympic athletes and our friend at the famous Brooklyn restaurant juniors have sent us over some in honor of the big day and exactly why it's a high holy day today they're offered special discounts and other branches and online as well. It's pretty incredible -- you get half sliced up cheese -- when people do you know these foods segment you get to eat at home but this time you get either of these are impressive we're happy -- -- -- -- strawberry and and -- Chicago's. -- is obligatory announcement is offering some specs you lies and and wouldn't you lies. Special discount and Cheesecake Factory of course Cheesecake Factory also half off. The may primary ingredient in cheesecake is -- you tell me it is cream cheese you know I've. Tried begins before their typical to make it home get actually -- -- -- water rafts in the don't crack yeah millions that I consider Villanova the gasoline tax and -- Williams -- -- we talk about the calories and then send them ha ha my good every. Only did for the then -- And actually doing -- and others -- this is cheese -- -- -- okay. Also is it dead penthouse might sit out chocolate I don't let it take out hope he gets -- taken home everybody.

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{"id":24768481,"title":"It's National Cheesecake Day","duration":"1:25","description":"Cake shops, including Brooklyn's own Junior's, offer discounts to celebrate.","url":"/WNN/video/national-cheesecake-day-24768481","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}