National Italian Food Day

YouTube chef Stephen Cusato shows how to cook a light and creamy risotto just in time for Valentine's Day.
5:58 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for National Italian Food Day
And continued detonated chicken parts Steven who side owes YouTube channel not another cooking show just celebrated its one year anniversary. With a fast growing dedicated fan base he's shows teaching people how to cook. So we decided to drop by his kitchen for his biggest challenge yet teaching neat so here we are too big moment for me. 32 years old I have no idea how to cook. So give him a lost cause there can help me out now I think we're gonna give us that you straight we're making Arizona remain here really makes for Valentine's Day this is something that's on the lighter side. Which is something you slot because. You don't know what kind of romanticism. Means that after the death you could die in whatever exactly yet a couple of jobs that Rizzo for people at home that don't know. Brazil and O is. An Italian it's taken no worries rice it's all right this is sort of a cream year dish really delicious slimmest topped that with the night's salute salads and Christine mushrooms and I think it's gonna work out really well for so let's look a lot together. It's what must go to that's what the loved together and have yet we got our work out for us. Steve Tommy had a prep the veggies mushrooms first listen to a 400. Fifty degree oven cooked and just hope they get nice color he taught me how to chop. He thought pointed point down down to the board or just looked up the back and don't put your hand it to you guessed that way of death. Then we got some dried were teeny mushrooms into some hot vegetable stock. Whose drive for change gonna flavors. And also rehydrated Newman tape that's put it back with the rest of our vegetables packages have this sort of mushroom fortified start. Then big moment or animal like tasty my very first thought. Mushroom. Thank you very. It's actually been you know court because it. This new thing they call mushroomed to more of an. So we have our rights have our onion chopped. Governor Christie mushrooms cook we've got hydrated dried mushrooms a little bit of white applying that we're gonna used to cook this. And some butter that she's. Next we ended the butter oil and onions to the hand from them we're gonna out of the race. And one half. Cup look at my coach there we're gonna and forget me love cooking in the beautiful up. School plus witnesses he gets. Atlanta the cooking and that we got the stock. I urged. A ladle and a half of the time. And I can start I hope you lake stirring because there is a lot of stirring moves to put these and here. He hundred mushrooms. Some call. And after all that staring at talk show the heat off Lewis another album butter and and start training and parliament. So I think we can sort of brings them back whoever can get a plea that we also made a simple salad and then. He was finally time to eat that's a grade eight history that's really good. Thank you have you know. For you minute I didn't mean to offend native Harrison provides but still. I don't think we did anything. That and I'm normal view of him. You write and I like your point out keeping things simple and just letting the ingredients talk and it's just such a powerful there's really. The best way to you're cooking game of the house look a little harder and better agreed. Learning couple techniques and party had to do them right and practice. You should be and Patricia from anybody with pat. And Chris is here that now this morning Chris you've tried this at home. I did. It went semi successful not very. I learned what I I know what could have done better but around thing that brought a clip here from wanna show that in the air your ways I did. We'll shoot up. It's it's a poll was that in Italy or V translucent. Going to hurt let's Trenton who sent something that needs. A little bit. So. It's gonna need your brain her mom. Malia plot test. Just a coincidence that unless we get to get insurance policy honor that we deal. When he thing. Yet. That's love and that did yeah so let me get. She shoe deal described the whole dish in one word good good and then not. I didn't get relatively ice is really hard to get right cook sometimes. Even enough to keep myself alive to hit and I would think that that's hard disk. It is it's an it will it's a time consuming Danish. And if you're like me we're time is very important and can be. No use watching TV. Iran right that's me you know you go off to just dial and have lived and died iPhone have the food delivered by then but this is. It was deathly great experiment. The took a little bit more okay is thinking of you need to cook more because I'm the people they don't know what you do like these I I pretty much appeal to kids and and you gonna come. I'm really peace talks fast food it's chicken it's. You know 1005 yet Rizzo and I really was like the first time I've even heard of it you know I. I think in the added I was I was chopping up some garlic I don't really is I have to be in the mood to cut out there a couple of times and I was chopping garlic and I was like does anyone else in the top pilot think of goodfellas. You know waiting to rid itself fan it like Mel if anyone that's never tough that's funny detonating. What you think and a funny. Giving them you for your amusement salt and hot at all in what little late to this recipe or FaceBook page and be sure to check out Stevens. YouTube channel big electric grid.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"YouTube chef Stephen Cusato shows how to cook a light and creamy risotto just in time for Valentine's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61046363","title":"National Italian Food Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-italian-food-day-61046363"}