National security official testifies to Congress

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman says he felt a “sense of duty” to report his concerns about President Trump’s phone call. ABC News’ Elizabeth Hur reports.
2:35 | 10/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National security official testifies to Congress
We begin with the breaking news overnight from the impeachment investigation new. Lieutenant colonel Alexander been been reportedly told impeachment investigators that the rough transcript of the phone call released by the White House. Omitted crucial words including a claim about recordings of former vice president Joseph Biden ABC's Elizabeth herd is here with details good morning Elizabeth. Kenneth ends in a good morning to you the New York Times is reporting that following the July phone call. This White House official was given a copy of that rough transcript to make updates and corrections and reportedly this official tried but. But failed to act key deet tails to that transcript. Lieutenant colonel Alexander vin erosion and did not answer any questions from a reporter do you believe you're treated fairly today. Seen here leaving Capitol Hill after testifying for eleven hours. But according to the New York Times didn't in told house impeachment investigators that Indy rough transcript wolf some of his edits appear to have been successful. Two corrections were not need. The man heard first hand back call between president trump and the Ukrainian president at this Centre of the impeachment probe. The times is now reporting that Binh Minh told lawmakers the call included an explicit mention by Ukraine's president Vladimir still Lansky. Of charisma holding the energy company who's board employed mr. Biden's son hunter. Another omission is embarrassed at a meaningless season appears according to big men. Who reportedly said that's when mr. trump said there were tapes of mr. Biden. An apparent reference to Joseph Biden's comments about his involvement in getting Ukraine to oust the prosecutor. Biden's move defended by several high profile international leaders but want to thank colonel than men for. His courage in coming forward Democrats praising did minimal preparing to vote tomorrow to take their impeachment investigation public. A move Republicans call too little. She was to link the what's most important to the American public we all have the phone call we all have the transcript we are all able to see. There was no quid pro quo. We are also learning then means deposition got heated at times with Democrats accusing Republicans of pressing Big Ben in an effort to identify the whistle blower but big men maintained that he is about the whistle blower. And doesn't know who would could be Kenneth. Many political watchers arguing and asking us the identity of the whistle or even matter at this point Elizabeth her thank you.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman says he felt a “sense of duty” to report his concerns about President Trump’s phone call. ABC News’ Elizabeth Hur reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66629497","title":"National security official testifies to Congress","url":"/WNN/video/national-security-official-testifies-congress-66629497"}