Navigating post-pandemic romance

For vaccinated singles, the search for summer romance is on. ABC News’ Will Ganss has advice from the experts.
3:11 | 06/21/21

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Transcript for Navigating post-pandemic romance
Paging Danny and sandy. It's time for some summer love it. And hands it just feels like something different is in the air. Kabila could it be allowed yes. We at hand really believe that love is in there and this is the season for their relationship Renaissance singles Morgan ready to mingle after recording team. What we found that 75% of people are really ready for relationship they've been home for the last eighteen months they wanna meet some line we've all heard of fall well yes. Flowed done photo it's feared dating again it's a term that we climate hands because we kept hearing mr. people that I like are. I'm ready to find my purse and I really want to get into a relationship but likes to date two. They have this fear of getting back out there after a year of their dating skills getting rusty and so there's a lot of beaudet in the air but we can help people overcome it. Step one is just. Save the other thing you know haven't been on a date a wild feeling a little nerve AdSense. The other person is likely to say knee Q and then you've just broken the ice and you've talked but higher ceiling and you're starting from a place of connection. Another good tip is key interest it did not interest day. Okay this is that was an off hot moment Saturday the interest did act not interest Dane. Tell me more about that OK you're signing date it's been awhile and your life I haven't done anything meaning here I haven't traveled I don't look my vast right you're so focused on yourself your internally focused and you're saying how kind the interest day. But all of the research into what makes people like you is being intra state in them and finally. This is my advice at all times not just post pandemic is go over the slow burn not the spark may be the best partner for you is not the person who's. Most charming her most attractive on a first gain it summoned who the more you get to know them the more you like them that Alexa. Place Lowber make his investors. This past year also changing how singles are looking for love. We understand that video dating is here Tuesday because look you live in New York writes when you dawning day it might be. Forty minutes on the subway a fifty dollars for cocktails and then it's a bad day. What if you could do a video days first to say do I like this person are we getting along luckily some pandemic habits will serve singles well looking ahead. Like a new push towards intense analogy in dating people are telling us I. Thought more about who I am as a person and I'm gonna try to date differently once the pandemic is over. Yes you have to show up in the days and there is an element of quantity but a lot of it is quality and a lot of that is starts with you. When it comes to picking the perfect pictures for your dating apps Logan tells me need a good variety clear face photo no sunglasses. A photo that shows your full body and in some photos with friends and family to show that you do of the social life. Bottom line though it all comes down to variety and authenticity. You guys variety. Reading it out and he's taken now I think my order it now that and is ready for a shot girl suffered. Back and.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"For vaccinated singles, the search for summer romance is on. ABC News’ Will Ganss has advice from the experts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"78397976","title":"Navigating post-pandemic romance","url":"/WNN/video/navigating-post-pandemic-romance-78397976"}