NBA Wrap

Radio personality Jason Page stops by and shares NBA highlights.
4:18 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for NBA Wrap
There are some great NBA games played yesterday right here on ABC absolutely could call -- -- statement games -- joining us -- his own statement on all the action our -- radio personality. Jason page very good morning Jason thanks for coming and absolutely let's start with the Celtics are off to a very rough start this season and some people are saying you know maybe -- -- in the mix for the championship anymore they just lost to the nets. Back in Boston they did get some revenge today that they certainly. -- and look they got embarrassed about a month ago at home Brooklyn came in pushed them around. Doc Rivers was so upset by this loss he challenged his team after the game he so -- does not tough enough plain and simple and today they were certainly tough -- this. Cried -- you better. After remembers this and a veteran group older players. Guys that are pacing themselves as they do this season it's needs two game schedule they -- -- be fresh for the playoffs and today you can kind of see this one com. The nets are playing -- Boston coming in trying to get some revenge they did another interesting thing here those Brooklyn. Avery Johnson's coach of the month in November as the nets got off to a great start -- challenging the next battle for New York now there's talk. People I'm talking to -- -- Avery Johnson to be on the hot seat -- broker off. The rich owner of the Brooklyn nets he may make a move. At the head coach Bob if they continue to struggle there's a couple of good candidates out there that he could replace Avery Johnson went. I -- Phil Jackson still looking for a job yet again maybe after the knicks basically turned him down the lakers turned -- down you never now but Wednesday. -- the lakers now and from Los Angeles they've. You're really really really tough season but they're getting healthier yes and it's on the -- and this is a game on people that latency and. This one meant a lot more to the lakers indicate to the knicks lakers get their fifth win in a row they watch that -- through right now clippers won their fourteenth that eroded that. This -- clippers Everett laughs about lakers needed this one today about Kobe Bryant. Nine straight games over thirty points previous single handedly been carrying this team offensively. Throughout all their struggles right now they get a huge dunk -- from how -- -- they needed this win in the worst way they needed that secret sort of and -- as we can play with the big boys they did that today big win for the lakers and again. Kobe is -- so worried about the Soviet -- -- until. I say -- In the second prime of his career he's already had one prime. He's changed his game he's become a below the rim player. And he has a second crime the kinds of things and you know there's been so much talk but how would Steve Nash -- into the offense just under ninety and Tony could he come in and be the savior for the lakers the lakers were playing well before Nash came back. I think today what we saw was that Nash can run that -- -- can control that T yes and now you're seeing a more cohesive unit. Instead of five guys on the court all trying to score you're seeing one unit went Steve Nash is out there he's able to set guys up. Double digit assists for him today he did some like eighteen points nineteen points eleven assists six or seven rebounds. Vintage Steve Nash. They needed to get him back healthy he is right now spreading before we get onto the next game he's got to -- for our viewers if you PV -- go back and check out in my jumpers haircut I don't know if you saw that got the -- play -- -- getting -- -- -- -- -- That made the broadcast -- this the next candidate we want to talk about thunder in Kenya match of last year's championship arguably the two best players in the NBA right now LeBron James Kevin Durant. Break it down for more of the same look look. Ron is the most well rounded player in the game you want to you think of Magic Johnson think of Oscar Robertson guys they can do it all. He doesn't need to score 3040 points a game in order for this team to win he wants to be a facilitator. If asked to do the scoring he can't. And -- -- -- it's all about defense when they defend. They could get almost looked like a team has six guys on the court instead of five today its fourth quarter he stretches they played that way -- -- playing their best basketball yet. They still look really gets you know it's interesting about that game Russell Westbrook Kevin to rent they are both getting better and that is scary because a couple of years from now. You know -- and look at the score they only -- -- the -- by six points. Company gears now that goes down four points two points and eventually maybe that they turned that corner it's gonna make for fun rivalry remember LeBron James is still only 28 years old that's hard to believe details had Jason page saying it's time gathering of some great games last night -- here thanks.

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{"id":18064668,"title":"NBA Wrap","duration":"4:18","description":"Radio personality Jason Page stops by and shares NBA highlights.","url":"/WNN/video/nba-wrap-18064668","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}