New Jersey Governor Visibly Shaken

NJ Gov. Gets Emotional
3:00 | 10/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Jersey Governor Visibly Shaken
Governor Chris Christie was visibly shaken after surveying what sandy had done to his station new Jersey's governor describes how emotional it has -- -- witnessed horrible loss. But we start -- just never thought I would see. What I saw -- ever I've met some folks there that he he cannot obviously -- have no place. Live at the moment. Opinion. Are extraordinarily emotional. There what they want a more anything else was just -- You know receiving an answer to your. We dig up back up into the helicopter and and flew two. A group new Jersey -- of my youth where -- used to go all the time. To a boardwalk at seaside heights. And in it is gone. The pure. With the rides. Where I was support kids this August before the Republican Convention. Those rights. Or -- the -- -- Block from Dubai. To -- -- through this summer to dealer Goucher the roller -- of all the road. See the stands in the middle of the boardwalk. That sells. Sausage and peppers and -- Is gone and -- look -- today. -- put the entire structure is gone. Let us now there really isn't politics then there's real life -- -- government and we'll be right back.

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{"id":17605413,"title":"New Jersey Governor Visibly Shaken","duration":"3:00","description":"NJ Gov. Gets Emotional","url":"/WNN/video/new-jersey-governor-visibly-shaken-17605413","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}