Papers: The Candy Man

A N.Y. man pays the bills selling candy on the city's subways.
2:56 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Papers: The Candy Man
And world news now delivers your morning -- Welcome back everybody time for your morning papers that you had a son we can you were down the nation's capital I think I'm honored I'm -- -- on the opinion I I. I'm kind of shy about stuff -- that -- I I. Was surprised that I got the award it was the bid -- magnificent women in media award of merit yeah that's just doesn't go to the published. This -- They did they did mention my anchoring but they also mention my work on CNN them -- a lot of legal stories Fresenius to another plug your -- -- -- here that they didn't name is sitting in my intro so badly against people -- -- Although I sometimes people -- -- my mom and well apparently he knows somebody is a big thing here in New York on the subway and you'll see guys Corazon candy whatever Dalton is adjacent to this or whatever. Well this guy it's on -- -- New York Post this guy believe or not. This is more lucrative than you may think from minor and and endure whatever makes a 150 dollars -- may take some 55000. Dollars. In cash tax free I'm assuming. Every year started selling candy age eleven to do now for thirteen years -- -- evident as are his biggest seller list what distinguishes these evidence I take care of my family with this he won't have a -- -- the dollar. -- Sneakers -- people are talking about not having worked well he -- himself a job a a man that he invented his job -- an entrepreneur or better -- than drugs I like that people made and that's right well this story out of the herald Tribune is it fascinating to me we've got a squirrel. Caught on camera pulling a fire alarm we have this -- to left. It's like a mission. Quickly and -- -- -- mystery because he pulled it in the kitchen -- kitchen staff were interviewed at the school they were like nobody was in the you know in in the kitchen and when this alarm was triggered they look at the security chairman and CSC. The mission -- possible molds made by the score well. So very very fascinating and then of course it had taken up residence in the school of -- and and they amazing animals -- They've sort of dialogue. And -- he can't live in the. Kitchen and that's that's that's kind of that's owner of a health issue he won't get into that. That's making -- animals here you hear this or all the time about can -- you know animals who were left the big fortune when their owners -- but guess what others who's now an arrogant. Sixteen point 30. -- had an undisclosed location. Outside of Rome. The elderly woman was not -- foreigners all passes away these are forced into this that and the trustee who now is in charge -- -- also -- -- German -- out there -- the 138 million chimpanzee who inherited the sixteen now. Million dollars. Believe me go to their -- that's the rich.

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{"id":15136223,"title":"Papers: The Candy Man","duration":"2:56","description":"A N.Y. man pays the bills selling candy on the city's subways.","url":"/WNN/video/new-york-man-makes-strong-living-selling-candy-15136223","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}