News Anchor Rivalry Goes Viral

A Philadelphia anchor and meteorologist trade on-air barbs.
3:00 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for News Anchor Rivalry Goes Viral
Welcome to the -- everybody we have an interesting for starting this year and the love this story OK -- compare. -- on air personalities in the -- news market at CBS the meteorologist Andy -- we -- totaling calling them out here. They cannot stay in each other at least you wouldn't hear that I didn't. And you hear -- say okay Nicole Laurie in the anchor Carol Erickson in the meteorologist. And -- the supposed any subtle barbs at each other pentagon. Way out of hand just take lessons and -- -- when it comes to the -- we want to know monkey business. Exceeds 49 -- -- -- -- -- You're out there I need you know I didn't -- that Kenya mount Carroll I would say that forecast is banana. -- really wasted on him. While taking it back right now. Just a little exchange pictures she regrets along -- that. Last glass of whatever thanks to the but -- that's enough foreign. What I -- I tell you what there is an update apparently CBS is VP of public affairs has come out to say. That this visit -- -- it grossly out of context we should say we also edited a little bit ourselves if you don't want mining you look it up yourself it is. Awful and I really couldn't figure out those two and two on the -- clinical professional broadcasters who have great respect for each other and haven't critical -- colleagues both inside and outside the -- Please learn that at least not except for this morning. Hairspray and their -- and Diana. Diana went -- Harrisburg I'll answer that pink can is hitting at a mine. You only have like two things out of place here and it -- just don't to stop. -- -- -- -- Nicely. Isn't an academy. One -- by the way. Agreed to -- how about it by the way that is not how it works around here we are not Harold. Whatever her name is Nicole over there at CBS KLA Larry. Don't show it no matter what you. Can't do that get right down postal worker this is -- claiming disability benefits -- busted you know these kind of stories when they say they can't put their arms. She heard on the price is right -- it's been that big heavy wheel that's really heavy and got there she is anyway -- zip gliding on a cruise. Got busted and she's going to be sentenced. Wherever she went on a price. In the air spinning that we can do their hands above her head the kids twice flaps its life yes you know. Yeah open and shut -- down that.

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{"id":19327649,"title":"News Anchor Rivalry Goes Viral","duration":"3:00","description":"A Philadelphia anchor and meteorologist trade on-air barbs.","url":"/WNN/video/news-anchor-rivalry-viral-19327649","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}