NFL Recap: Losing Patriots, A Giant Comeback

ESPN Radio's Jason Page with the latest from the gridiron.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Recap: Losing Patriots, A Giant Comeback
Welcome back to world news that everybody it is time to dig into week two of the NFL and they get these wonderful not says as Jason K -- company that's. Here in the studio and Jason thanks for coming back -- to be back thanks very diving into the Atlanta and -- the only reason I come in this for the food. While I'm gonna dig in now but I wanted to end to the game's biggest upset had to be the cardinals going into Foxboro would be completely. And how about the cardinals two touchdown underdogs in this game today. Those young -- -- but still the patriots had a chance lake Stevens -- LC. A field goal opportunity to winning for the patriots -- goes wide -- why didn't get a win for the cardinals won the most likely to what does he has long believed right now yeah. Asked -- is the most -- Accurate kicker in patriots history checks according to the actor so leaving the cardinals who won nine of eleven Glen MacNow last year not surprising to an obscene easily the most surprising to. And if anybody -- not for real right now I'll save the car stuff -- Giants' biggest comeback of the day Eli Manning threw -- like three miles they scored 25 points in the fourth quarter big win over Tampa. -- two touchdowns in this game he -- terrible the first half. Three interceptions one of them gets to return for a touchdown the second half who is this guy come from behind leads the giants' late -- they're able to hang -- On for dear life at the end. Get a big victory they needed this win in the worst way they start out -- once -- move on there's a good chance they don't make the playoffs only something like 20% of -- start out don't want to. Can make the postseason -- of a brutal schedules. They needed this win a big way. Speaking -- -- into the -- into for the first time since 2007 probably the most disappointing talented team in the NF right now they can't stop anybody. -- a bit defensively they are absolute nightmare if he ever wanted to make the argument -- He needed head coach. This is one of those examples where you're seeing how much they -- on Peyton right now and -- with what's going on there they can't stop anybody. Another case in point today Carolina Panthers -- -- do pretty much whatever they want it -- trying to come from behind late. Unable to do so put a lot of pressure on their offense he had been germ free still had a pretty good game another 300 pass that -- Performance for him with a -- sweet talked about the rest last week you give them a C minus and they were even worse it. It went terribly backwards they're becoming the punch line of -- right now even -- across the border around the league right now and the officiating was atrocious today. And eventually it's gonna come down a player -- These guys are going to get somebody hurt. They're not getting protective enough for the players something's gonna happen and then the player's associations and jump -- and -- Are we got to get the regular rest acting he was deeply yet. Today -- on Sunday rather it be for the saints game one of the wraps. Was spotted at a NATO would like saints attire I'm completely and big saints and he was being reported in the field and let's say this Roger Goodell has to step up and be a leader right now. This is where's the commissioner of this -- You know this thing -- -- to reach a tipping point where can really start to impact games in a big way you heard Joseph Flacco complain about it today after the ravens lost the Eagles. It's time for Roger Goodell to step on field leader -- officials get the officials in Rome and get this thing solved. Okay thanks Jason for coming at you need -- not just I mean there's not -- they got obliterated and on one final note. The results from this week's cake competition this week we are choosing between these games cart -- The ravens the Eagles the -- the Bengals -- -- and the niners and with that last big -- -- -- -- now. Scott Nelson came in first this week the -- nylon with all of you all of -- -- nation we're too into making a lot on the WNN and dot com beginning this Friday. Develop our next round featured games again and that's on Friday by it is go to WNN. There again Jason -- -- -- -- Come on -- Paxson basically I don't wanna shoe and McDonald's. Celery last week definite no but the bad guy I'm going right look at the --

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{"id":17251874,"title":"NFL Recap: Losing Patriots, A Giant Comeback","duration":"3:00","description":"ESPN Radio's Jason Page with the latest from the gridiron.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-recap-losing-patriots-giant-comeback-17251874","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}