NFL: Weekend in Review

Paula Faris and Jason Page highlight the latest drama from the gridiron.
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for NFL: Weekend in Review
Welcome back everybody yet another outstanding Sunday in the NFL plenty of drama and some fantastic -- here once again to talk about about Jason pages ESPN radio. -- -- -- Can we just get that to me just get -- right they like isn't the first week that I've just wanted to eat. How we've already devoured by the Atlantic City between the two yes and that class class class no White House -- -- today ethnic group is okay. Public is not talk about starting with the pats and the bills bills had a chance to open this gave up 217 at that -- before the half and then the pace that passed is scored like a 150 -- yes. Battle of the two of the top teams in the AFC how about the patriots -- -- that's what we want seven in this game -- texting people McCallum. -- of buffalo bill and I think the Bill Clinton this -- -- but more before I can -- it's fifteen to 28 PM New England. Just got the sense in this game that Tom Brady. At some point to feel enough is enough and they went into buffalo last year lost a tight game it kind of kick started the bills' season they were pretty hot have night games. It looks like Tom Brady Bill Belichick and company we're not gonna allow that to happen this week very impressed with what -- saw. A lot of New England you know they're good offensively. In the get enough stops defensively. Yet nineteen into Tom Brady is against the bills Packers really needed a strong game rebound from that Monday night. What they call a hail Mary pass that and sending the -- -- -- can you believe it than normal activities. And coming up last year they need to eat. Time now that the Braves game that we did not break it last year against the San Francisco where did not look out of my face value in the well they work but they're -- only important target -- And what -- what great character shows by the Green Bay Packers they handled it well all week said all the right things. They almost get a terrible -- against the late in this game by the real officials who were -- But able to do enough place to hang on to beat the world in the world. Lawful of the world war plus a lot of close games you get you back -- Drew Brees has been performing between have 446. Yards passing in this game. Okay we had some late game heroics a couple of be undefeated teams cannot be poor and oh including the falcons and -- of -- Stay out wedding cardinals it looked like Jim Newton and the Carolina Panthers -- bounce back office stuff we could talk plus against the giants in week three. They come out. Play a great game on the road in Atlanta. All to have the falcons that -- -- hit Atlanta on their own one yard line with a minute left in this game behind second network he's up what amounts to a -- mayor. Those sixty yards down the field and Roddy White catches it could eventually sets up the game winning field goal from Matt Bryant big win for Atlanta and then how can forget Arizona's. Now for no the most unlikely story this NFL seasons -- keep -- coming nobody saw coming in overtime to come from behind honey -- where they didn't have their best stuff. Beating game Miami Dolphins -- point 441. Attend public dolphins history -- In overtime. Texans the other thing that's -- out of hand cannot create this tenacity announcing now get a lot riding that they Eagles giants game how that went and -- -- some comfort edited and terrible pass interference call against the giants actually it's like. It was the right call up really drag down the defenders. Football -- can't be that the offensive pass interference backs of the -- And 43 yard field goal. Three yard field goal what. It will come but she's actually from north Texas it's only field goal -- guys -- -- I'm today -- -- giant -- to a few people atop the NFC east -- won't. Cheers here he is Jason -- -- ESPN radio here at that the -- that during the summer and -- -- -- competition somebody. Point Florida this past week not me on that night -- -- with.

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{"id":17364251,"title":"NFL: Weekend in Review","duration":"3:00","description":"Paula Faris and Jason Page highlight the latest drama from the gridiron.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-weekend-review-17364251","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}