NFL: Weekend in Review

Paula Faris and Jason Page highlight the latest drama from the gridiron.
3:00 | 10/08/12

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Transcript for NFL: Weekend in Review
Welcome back everybody well week five Indiana held almost -- the -- -- here to talk about as usual all. -- our Monday Morning Quarterback he is Jason page -- ESPN radio New York. I didn't get the memo that it was saint patty's day that -- -- it's my ode to the Hartford whalers that Ron sport never got me that's fine but. Well gotta pay -- won't lie I can't believe I can't take homage to the jets because they're terrible -- they're probably gonna get their -- he's kicked tonight by -- yet they're gonna get they're gonna get it yes OK and down if you put money at the colts. And the Packers. And it was -- and very emotional week for the colts because it is that there -- -- -- but I don't diagnosed with leukemia did you have any information any idea that they would. The Packers. And they were down huge in this game was like tell anyone that there is some bullet that now. Understand the the Packers had a number of injuries they were -- -- in this game number of key positions. Too many years too numerous to trying count right now but still. Andrew Luck he was restored today and we always like to set the coming of age of injury luck today we saw right in front of our -- And this season lawyer Robert Griffin the third been getting all the headlines for rookie QB's -- -- what Andrew -- did today. What's so special driving his team down the field in the closing minutes Reggie Wayne -- old familiar target for Peyton Manning becoming that familiar target now. For Andrew Luck able to get a touchdown Mason Crosby though the chance to win at fifty plus yard field goal -- goes begging -- And how about she wins for the colts to wins for the Packers after -- -- -- 202 agreements and Andrew Luck -- record 352 yards passing. Okay Steelers and Eagles. Steelers having not keep that linking -- -- they would have been -- him at wanted -- embassies and they would have been at the same time we gotta talk about the Eagles here more turnover problems for Michael Vick two fumbles in this game. One of them even in the red -- what his team about to going to the -- when he fumbles and into the hands on Steelers get it back. The Eagles looked likely dominate the first half -- this game still the Steelers. Able to make enough plays down the stretch for Ben Roethlisberger they get Rashard Mendenhall back. Here and we here but huge for this team James Harrison came back as well Troy Polamalu was back he went back off with -- -- injury. I -- -- a believer in the Eagles I picked him to win the NFC east I'm still not a believer in the Eagles right now they turn the football over we'd -- much I'll still take the giants who wants of that vital. You -- believe that I'm whalers by the way I guess your -- he would stop staring at a the little the second and -- -- -- the steelers' -- late in the game though they -- up just to -- -- -- when he -- Took up about seven minutes on -- on the clock. Falcons and -- -- falcons up first time they've been private -- In franchise history but a pretty big game and even went for them again 33 who was not having gained 24/7. Team at somebody's got -- argue for -- get out of now. Go slide feet first -- -- The hard way -- Michael Vick is still learning -- at this stage of his -- Get rid of the football. And RG three sometimes try to make too many plays with his legs he's gonna find out real quick defensive players -- much bigger much faster than on the college level. Even at Baylor you've got to get down got to get out of counties far too valuable for that team to get hurt. And B&B out of the game like that falcons are five and home. Falcons are five and -- and you've got to give -- -- Yeah do you Matt Wright and a lot of credit claimed anybody's family has been playing better at the position -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- today are you ready to say that Texans again the only other undefeated team pay and they have played just might be -- say that the falcons. -- the best team right now. Now defeated now I can I think the 49ers are they ran roughshod all I mean what they did to native buffalo mountain San Francisco that's too embarrassing losses for the bills this season. Phenomenal effort by the 49ers although Houston. And -- -- the 49ers. If you want to talk AFC NFC in the best to make sure you check out Jason's picks for week six as well. I'm just say I don't play I hurry I -- He anticipated -- radio near an update on the world news now at -- -- -- -- it has. I am asking you. -- Cannes film or everybody go with.

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{"id":17421212,"title":"NFL: Weekend in Review","duration":"3:00","description":"Paula Faris and Jason Page highlight the latest drama from the gridiron.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-weekend-review-17421212","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}