Nick Viall Resumes His Search For Love

Senior "Bachelor" Analyst Jack Sheahan runs through the women most likely to steal Nick's heart.
3:26 | 01/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nick Viall Resumes His Search For Love
Here's that prevent and that's her time. It is the AM much anticipated beginning of season one we want what say you bachelor analysts. Well we we know wars. Who's the only doorman yes what did that what he's a familiar face it Carlisle first of all I have the rose who's who's gonna place it down and to prevent. A former man nick violent. How has been on TV before. You could say yes he is already failed that loves. With anti Caitlin and Jan. One bachelor in paradise it's in the event anyone watch that wanted to get it. And nix says that he fears having his heart broken again but you know what is in this thing for real and down. He's ready to go and they are often running OK so it's video of often running the women arrived at the mansion. There were thirty of them. Doesn't matter at this point really what their names orbit it fit in particular at least not the mass of them there were plenty of red dresses and ball there were two din yells there were to jasmine is. There was a Josephine. Napoleon didn't make the scene but there was a Josephine. I was some woman named Alexis in in Irish dark suit there's adult men and it was a sharks you better job auto body actually original episode it was so stupid and petty hotel way together out of here. It anyway professional women of note a couple of ladies to the wall mentioned Ko rin. Who is 124 years old from Miami she was that lady who stole the first kiss. With with nick there she I think it could say she was quite aggressive in her approach. What she says she is different nick so we'll see what happens I don't got a long way to go if the previews are any thing. Careens going to be around for a while and then there's lives. It's fair to say that Liz and nick have a history together. They. Know each other oh got there at a wedding. Drank a little too much booze wound up spending the night hoops. I'll use care it would even remember. She didn't get much of every occasion and that's right your neighbor nick claimed that he remembered her. And any was a little off put let's say by their conversation. So that's sort of got weird ironically enough. Who is got the last rose so that was a shock. They can't it annoys some note keeping here Rachel an attorney from Dallas she got the first impression rose which is always important on the shelves. We won't even name the people who got roses those who were already ousted Bolivia Angelo Moore and Rihanna belida Marie. Jasmine being me shell and Susanna around us. Eight of them gone already we never knew you thanks for plan there was no kiss job because there are only two. Will hope to see some improvement on that next week. The analyst tech. Who or who will come away and also a winner of this is official called lucky winner. On this season of the bachelor is Danielle. Am Danielle am now arrived with the maple syrup. Jews in neonatal intensive care nurse she still has some she yes you very wholesome very understated. And if the previews or anything. She's going to be around for RX analysts it down out I think tank here and let's.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Senior \"Bachelor\" Analyst Jack Sheahan runs through the women most likely to steal Nick's heart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44521809","title":"Nick Viall Resumes His Search For Love","url":"/WNN/video/nick-viall-resumes-search-love-44521809"}