Nicki Minaj to Join 'American Idol?'

The controversial pop star might be joining the judges table.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nicki Minaj to Join 'American Idol?'
First getting back -- -- good juicy stuff to get to you today including that revolving door of their American Idol has -- -- that Mariah -- going to be the new jets got to replace an. He became acknowledges -- -- -- there and the judges' table this according to. Us weekly she's kind of been a controversial star a lot of what her reasons there for nine years old hugely popular hugely talented and so that look like she's gonna sign that deal any day. Haven't heard of money and out just yet and still the finding third spot because when -- Jackson gonna kind of take on -- different -- -- -- social try to find. Due to sit on the judges' panel that can be for a Williams's name has been tossed about Nick Jonas. His name has been tossed out tossed out. Colorful. Speaking of adding to a panel Kelly about how -- -- -- Saint -- announced that he left in no no number it's almost nine months she's got their 59 -- almost as many as GO yeah. Go right here yeah. I'm so they're supposed to announce this on September the fourth September -- going to be deceived their season debut and she's -- -- that -- and to report they will announce who her new permanent co host will be of course. A lot of names being thrown out there she had 59. Guest -- with their Josh Groban you cliche Seth Meyers could be any of those guys but we just -- -- stir the -- a -- -- -- Anderson Cooper was on vacation between at this photo of the two of them last week I think Iran and cruise somewhere in the Adriatic Sea after their break up after his big break up after he reportedly here's what perhaps the -- so. Maybe because they're great friends which can throw that out there through. Good job yesterday yeah. Randomly but -- Paterson is a busy guy talk show CNN I can imagine another job doesn't need the money is -- Exposure to let this be fun until the -- That would that would great chemistry and that's true we're just aren't enough they have started -- that's it also -- report this news everyone loves this guy Michael J. Fox of course from. Family family ties -- many many years ago coming back to TV Kelly NBC has a given a green light to a new still untitled. Comedy series is 51 years old now -- what kind of -- loosely autobiographical comedy. But a husband and father of three from New York dealing with family career and other life challenges including parkinson's which of course he is now battle personally off for years as of this network has made a commitment and it should come on the fall of twenty to thirteen about a year from now to welcome back. To Michael J. Fox TV I was a huge family -- and growing up so plus I really love that guy that loves. Okay and know about Tony Scott who's the director who plan ahead took his own life jumping from a bridge back to California on Sunday a lot of people are wondering why -- ABC news had reported. That he had inoperable brain cancer but our affiliate KBC and Los Angeles said that the family had had would. No idea they were not aware that he had cancer they weren't. We have not been able to reach his family and we just confirmed this with the assistant chief coroner's statement whatever the reasons prayers would -- -- -- yet.

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{"id":17047029,"title":"Nicki Minaj to Join 'American Idol?'","duration":"3:00","description":"The controversial pop star might be joining the judges table.","url":"/WNN/video/nicki-minaj-join-american-idol-17047029","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}