Nicole Kidman Opens Up

The actress talks about her marriage to Tom Cruise, children and depression.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Transcript for Nicole Kidman Opens Up
Welcome to do is getting everybody and Nicole Kidman -- for the first time about her marriage and subsequent depression after her divorce the tigress she spoke to Australia's who magazine and she talks -- just getting married really young at the age of 23 and they got married in 1990. That's when she attackers got married she says. They split after eleven years of marriage they have two adopted children but the issue is really depressed because they got married so quickly and she was just so young but -- is -- don't regret it because it every -- -- I did have a fantastic marriage for a long time she also says. Part of that debt depression stemmed from being able to conceive she had an ectopic pregnancy and suffered a lot of miscarriages she does have a couple of beautiful children with her. Now husband -- Durbin also. A fellow. The horses I can be darker a lot of people -- -- -- -- fame and wealth into it and whatever emotional turmoil going on so which clearly he's moved on and yet still doing well and great looking great. Also here global boom Rihanna and Chris Brown apparently are may be getting back together or at least -- -- around or are doing some according to. Multiple reports celeb -- us weekly New York Post. They were -- some New York City nightclub Monday night. Can't kind of coming up next to each other they were seen -- saying apparently they were. I went into the bathroom together one point when she came out she looked a little shall we say how rough -- So then he was seen leaving the hotel where she was -- -- all signs point toward some kind of reconciliation here and telling which -- -- been -- -- Oprah she admitted she still loved him and all this so. They apparently went the same club is a few tables down came over took off his shirt -- events and on the table where she was. -- kind of had this hot nightclub kind of night but apparently. You know to get back together but we don't know that Baxter here what happened Nancy hope that they need to get back together and got from into something else that happens -- look at -- ago. Well he's no fool me you know fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me you know -- news you know let's let's hope certain lessons have not been forgotten moment situation. You're much had to move a -- little pint size. I've put my crew and I and I imagine that Larry is here who she is associate -- her family of course she's a reality started chronicles her and her. Family very entertain a lot of my friends like the show now an upcoming episode of South Park and that study shows going to. Taking aim at honey boo boo. Take -- -- -- And I -- how do -- Car alarms Veronica. Do you wish she's cute it's gonna air Wednesday. But Wednesday at 10 o'clock and Comedy Central. The district get a little bit of an -- has -- -- -- Is near South Park is is our lot love so part of that but you know no one is safe but nothing is sacred -- that showed -- Honeymoon -- apparently it's her -- in the fired him but -- becomes ubiquitous not solve all -- -- live with Kelly and -- -- estimate Romney about -- -- move was so she's you know this little girl is. -- announced should get a big personality -- He does it engage -- -- rug making more than that's all right anyway. They're really showed yesterday that -- Madonna Mariah Carey it's a big gust up during American Idol auditions out in North Carolina. And kind of love expletive -- tirade between Juneau -- in this business. Whatever since Ryan Seacrest. Here's some -- in the background here kind of go ahead. What Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday said he got heated between -- -- it was intense I'll be honest with you. They went far last night it did get intense and apparently there's been a detente. They're okay now and they've made up for all the way to Baton -- for further politicians here but apparently all is. Now well might lose some tense moment but. I don't think it's over Justin -- just.

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{"id":17393967,"title":"Nicole Kidman Opens Up","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress talks about her marriage to Tom Cruise, children and depression.","url":"/WNN/video/nicole-kidman-opens-17393967","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}