Time for a 51st State? Colorado Thinks So

Four counties in northern Colorado are considering seceding to form a 51st state.
2:54 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Time for a 51st State? Colorado Thinks So
-- -- the -- -- the search for you have to feel about 51 states instead of fifty that depends what's that he personally northern Colorado no interest in -- -- -- -- at least -- out -- Colorado -- -- -- say they're fed up with the lack of representation so they're banning together hoping to become the 51 state of the United States. This is Weld County giant -- Sedgwick county saying you're not. In they wanna be called -- northern into the narrative that's what it would look like they wanted to called northern Colorado now -- -- -- -- -- think that happened before this can happen in legislation needs to reconfigure the borders of the state and both houses of congress have to approve this interestingly enough though the president -- is not needed experts are saying chances are we'll landmark. Yeah if you remember irrigated and nineteenth century main -- back from Massachusetts and West Virginia will not come from Virginia south. While chances are slim but not impossible it's not unprecedented they can now that never needed to Maine broke off from Massachusetts -- -- -- an -- Definitely have that Colorado woman in Colorado North Dakota South Dakota news -- -- today I am very excited that. -- North Carolina an entire north and what is it I -- Arnold Colorado's federal all right all right let's talk about -- -- Oreo Cookies -- matter dear. This is math teacher in upstate New York who decided he was gonna have fun way to get his students -- way to measure things need to wanted to know the double stuff filling actually is -- regulatory impact. So the kids did some math and made -- on his blog and they claim that double stuff Oreo actually only contain one point 86. Down the amount of -- as a regular one and they found that the mega stuff Oreo and there are. Math we're only two point 68 times larger than the regular one kind of let's go to guys the claim saying -- cookie indeed contains double the stock. But -- it's hard argument that guides -- so. So let -- scandals in the you know do little scandalous of the condition that picture again it says double stuff and there's an after missing and stuff. A wonder that -- -- gonna get Upton and while I'm under the intense often and technology -- to help -- coordinate this. It kind of is it gonna get around it ain't round roundabout way of saying we're not really saying it's double stopped because the stuff isn't even really yeah right now -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- abide by PR. -- we got a lot of reform with a bad back. All right check this out there at the dog out there who absolutely elapsed time -- dogs cats most PayPal to he has taken into an extra -- -- law. Ladies and dad -- -- back -- in the second half of this video which doesn't have a lot of fear that they get I think the got to go to our houses off. He laid her head on his side when that would attract ago rather -- -- -- and why didn't -- didn't think next dragging -- down -- it is hilarious that.

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{"id":20020352,"title":"Time for a 51st State? Colorado Thinks So","duration":"2:54","description":"Four counties in northern Colorado are considering seceding to form a 51st state.","url":"/WNN/video/northern-colorado-might-become-51st-state-20020352","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}