Obama 'Pastor' Witnessed Faith in the White House

Joshua DuBois reveals details of the president's spirituality from inside his inner circle.
2:44 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Obama 'Pastor' Witnessed Faith in the White House
-- little known member about president Obama's inner circle speaking out about that is about the role of religious faith inside the White House. Joshua DuBois let the administration's outreach to faith based groups. And was considered a pastor to the president he recently left the White House and he spoke to ABC's Devin Dwyer who's joining us now good morning -- -- dad. Hey good morning -- -- good morning John that's right yeah -- was a fascinating interview depart revealed some new details about President Obama behind the scenes. And how we tries to connect with god. Joshua DuBois was spiritual advisor to the leader of the free world -- ordained member of the White House staff seen here and private Oval Office prayer sessions. Now DuBois has left president Obama's inner circle bearing witness to what he saw it. He's a deeply -- president and again. Didn't need a whole bunch of of helping cultivating that -- mr. Obama's practice of faith has been relatively private. Attending church less often than many of his predecessors. He gets daily emails of scripture to his personal Blackberry the president would bring pastors into the Oval Office. Have a conversation in moments of prayer. He would reach out from time to time for suggestions of scripture to -- young -- passengers I think he's -- a lot of time thinking about. The book of Joseph -- -- -- overcoming trials one trial for mr. Obama the shooting at sandy hook elementary. DuBois says the gut wrenching visit with new -- families being -- sort of comforter in chief was his biggest test of faith. It's something that he doesn't really talk about he -- is certainly not seeking to get. Credit for but we talk about this president's faith and values. Those are the types of moments that stick out from me. President Obama's critics still have doubts exploiting his ties to former pastor Jeremiah Wright and Fannie and widely debunked rumors he's secretly a Muslim. DuBois says the skeptics never unsettled the president behind the scenes the detractors will do this detracting but. At the end of the day it's about his relationship with -- Now those daily email subscription that -- sent to personnel -- on his Blackberry will soon purim bookstore shelves. It's a compilation that he's calling the president's -- -- -- and John. And thank you. Thanks so much and it's fascinating because the church that the president tends to go to saint John's which is where Devin -- that interview outside of it I asked one of the ministers there what's it like. Trying to do was sermon in front of the present -- United States and this minister set -- I just realized the president wants to be like everyone else doesn't want to be. You know singled out so in his sermon sound -- was only thirty years old and held that job for four years.

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{"id":19098890,"title":"Obama 'Pastor' Witnessed Faith in the White House","duration":"2:44","description":"Joshua DuBois reveals details of the president's spirituality from inside his inner circle. ","url":"/WNN/video/obama-pastor-witnessed-faith-white-house-19098890","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}