The Obamas Host State Dinner

President Obama and the first lady host a glamorous dinner honoring the Prime Minister of Singapore.
2:38 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for The Obamas Host State Dinner
All right it was the twelfth state dinner of his presidency and last night President Obama. Pulled out all the stops the guest list featured a mix of Washington officials and celebrities all turning out to help the White House celebrates. Half a century of diplomatic relations between the US and seeing a car put up a and ABC's our lips times was there. There's a certain formula for a state visit at the White House greet your visitor. Needed the Oval Office. Talked to reporters. And even kissed a few babies. But the most lavish moment is often saved for last. Jumps up. President Obama hosted a glamorous state dinner honoring the prime minister of Singapore. With us is there were celebrating fifty years of diplomatic relations between art through making its. The dinner attracted an eclectic mix like Gabby Giffords and mark Kelly. Author Amy time and ten Soviet spies Ford the actors who play them on TV. Michelle Obama wore a stunning ivory strapless gown drawing a seal of approval from the president. For mr. Obama the bigger concern with the food. We all know how seriously. Singaporeans take their phone in Singapore even the street vendors. The hawker stalls burned Michelin stars. Which create some pressure this evening we have a lot to live up to it. The menu featured a Maryland blue crab dash. Peach saying Rhea K and this elaborate pastry display. Grammy Award winner Chris that Michelle serenaded the guest. But it was Singapore's prime minister who made the crowd laughed. This is a hybrid of pretty neat if boosting the pool and Hawaii. Reza President Bush or. Most of us believe. And that joke is coming at a timely moment tomorrow President Obama is turning 55. So this certainly won't be in the last celebration at the White House this week. My favorite bit Michelle looking great. That in the thumbs up I would never get away with that that cool Olson's check out my today he is a tech atlantis' he's a funny guy. He's not funny guy charming funny and whoever does the correspondents dinner next year we'll live the Houston doubt that's the news for this half hour we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"President Obama and the first lady host a glamorous dinner honoring the Prime Minister of Singapore.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41088124","title":"The Obamas Host State Dinner","url":"/WNN/video/obamas-host-state-dinner-41088124"}