Oklahoma Tornado: Neighborhood Left in Destruction

ABC News' Andy Roesgen reports in the heart of the devastation where a tornado hit, leaving 24 dead.
2:38 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma Tornado: Neighborhood Left in Destruction
-- me get this half hour with new details from the Oklahoma disaster zone the fire chief now says he believes that there are no more survivors -- more bodies in the rubble. Each home in Moore has been checked at least once. 24 people were killed by the twister hundreds -- still in the hospital the rest of the school year has been canceled but graduation will take place on Saturday. Let's go live to Moore Oklahoma -- -- coverage coverage continues with ABC's Andy rose -- who is in the middle of all the destruction. And -- what have you seen as far as family venturing back to what was left of their neighborhoods. Diana they're coming through the neighborhood just slowly looking around a lot of neighbors who maybe not even. Looking at their -- houses just looking at the blocks that are left behind and -- what they're taking I think I've noticed more than anything are just photographs. The big stuff like this car here totally smashed and other objects -- lying around everywhere all the bricks are everywhere but -- looking for photographs because I was the one thing that connects them. To what they had and it seems to get -- lot of comfort. Yeah no doubt about that relief workers are all the way from all over the country what sort of cleanup can they expect -- Massive actually you know it they're they're saying that a lot of people -- seeing the devastation here was worse. That it was on the may third 1999 tornado -- the death poll that was higher. A lot of people said that the -- that the width of the tornado here at a bottom -- half -- wider than not won in 99. Which makes obviously the devastation much worse and as we look around here you can't see it right now but we're seeing cars that are just. Everywhere. And and we've seen it before but the devastation people are saying is much worse this time around. And -- when you look around like you said there's really not much left for some people what can you tell us about shelters that are being opened up. Well the homeless shelters only that are for the homeless are now being here -- open up for the people who are without homes from this tornado estimated to be in the thousands. Of people without homes lot of obviously going to friends and family but. Universities are also being opened up and and what we're seeing around town -- -- an outpouring of support businesses are open at the parking lots of having people come in. And drop off supplies. Toiletries diapers even money. I had or heard one man grumbling today at a restaurant -- -- the federal government could just. I'll learn from the efficiency of more and how they gather together the resources to help -- the people things would run a lot smoother. -- that's for sure -- -- thanks ABC's -- erosion reporting live from Moore Oklahoma this morning think you.

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{"id":19231089,"title":"Oklahoma Tornado: Neighborhood Left in Destruction","duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Andy Roesgen reports in the heart of the devastation where a tornado hit, leaving 24 dead.","url":"/WNN/video/oklahoma-tornado-neighborhood-left-destruction-19231089","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}