Olympic Champion Heads to College

Four time Olympic champion swimmer Missy Franklin enrolls at UC Berkeley.
2:50 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Olympic Champion Heads to College
It's feeding time in my daughter's swimmers were slightly obsessed with -- -- and missy Franklin in the Olympics I don't know I'm sure most people -- -- -- -- one. For gold medal she's incredible in high school she did us plus she's eighteen years old now and Chelsea early college in that -- is gonna go to the university. California Berkeley and she's excited about it she's only eighteen -- says I've heard so many incredible things about college I've given up so much -- this experience. And I'm looking forward to it as the gold medals he says he won't be taken on the Berkeley she says -- stance of keeping the home of the parents and a safe deposit box and take -- -- special occasions. Is all within interview People Magazine by the way and wet when asked if she thinks a fellow classmates will recognize our. At the new school she laughed and said I'm just let go there is messy and like any other freshman and have time in my life of course I'm sure that her team. University of California Berkeley will now vault. -- -- God knows what with whom they have already fixing that medals under her belt it's only gonna get better from here and a shining write a good currency up this -- -- normally get right yes she's. -- -- But -- some really sad news also very young person you're talking about. Believe Thomas young 29 years old former Disney star there years. Passed away apparently suffered -- -- gunshot wound he was found by his landlady. After he -- -- report to his new gate which is on the set it was only Niles where he -- he's AM he works at the police officer. Anyway she would discovered him heat became -- -- rose to a shot to stardom. And in the famous Jett Jackson he was the star who had like a double identity where he was saying this but he was also like a crime -- -- -- There -- -- -- take a listen. We of course are very sad about that saddened and wishes that claims. Not lot of people on our staff watched that show religiously where I was a little -- but they they loved that camera during an asset -- I this is pretty clean -- the -- president a little pint sized cute kid ever get he's totally awesome and he got to meet beyoncé -- up more than that and that. Self proclaimed -- president Robbie -- back. Third grader he's Chester elementary school. Got to get a kiss from beyoncé -- this. Okay so it's well I know it's -- -- People around the world and maybe your lives. And I think it's. All right so then the day that the superstar for the time and -- are we best friends and beyond his applies only. If I get a kiss on the cheek come on -- president. Back all you can. President and CNN weather on -- -- it is saving tennis I want to be president throughout. I NG got to let go right when you have not another best teams that drive their best these Google.

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{"id":20008317,"title":"Olympic Champion Heads to College","duration":"2:50","description":"Four time Olympic champion swimmer Missy Franklin enrolls at UC Berkeley.","url":"/WNN/video/olympic-champion-heads-college-20008317","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}