Opera Star to Sing National Anthem

Opera singer Renee Fleming set to sing National Anthem at Super bowl.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Opera Star to Sing National Anthem
-- and we start with what should be a -- start -- this year's Super Bowl. Operatic soprano Renee Fleming has been chosen to sing this year's pre -- national and Super Bowl 48 will not being ruled the first -- has the National Anthem at -- major sports event. To sing the star spangled banner during the 2003 World Series at Yankee Stadium. Not a sounds like it's going to be credible performance actually back then by the way she loved the lyrics let's get an -- live. Through some of the song. Who this can really good female I don't keep our fingers as a Super Bowl saying you know you -- -- pressure came in and you. I don't know I'm source she's practicing a little bit extra now for this time around the pressure that came my favorite part of -- -- all of course -- added. And this morning we're getting a sneak peek at another funny one. -- TG IF. As a good game for them. -- -- -- -- Do you think it's time we all get our own places. Sometimes funny stuff from the full house guy local SE uncle Joseph we did ten or more to come during the big game. The C I will watch just for that happening huge whole -- -- and that is also from the okay Katy Perry is opening up about her childhood vision the perfect body. A hot looking -- -- GQ that she prayed to god that her -- would be so big she couldn't see her feet flying down the prayers were answered at each. A lesson I don't know where to start without -- so many inappropriate conference submitted comments to make. Perry -- -- back against those plastic surgery rumors she says everything she's got his original. From my house says she's actually having a wonderful experience the second time around with a boyfriend John mayor. John there -- back off. I didn't and it's -- up I -- at a glitzy talent finally in the skating we are hearing some new details about Prince Harry cutting loose -- down at the South Pole in the. Kathleen February cadre. And 200 mile track where the wounded veterans from both Britain and the US. The young prince is said to have gone on -- two -- end here along with some of those -- spilling champagne. Out of credit blanks in her knows how to party right -- why. Hardly -- isn't it wasn't all chugging and dirty jokes one of his comrades says Harry apparently has quite a knack for building latrines. Okay that's -- skill that have yellow snow behind his ankle but there. I just didn't show any but -- similarly he didn't Vegas to some hey right adding that's -- they sentence somewhere cause -- like keep his hands on the.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Opera singer Renee Fleming set to sing National Anthem at Super bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21619303","title":"Opera Star to Sing National Anthem","url":"/WNN/video/opera-star-sing-national-anthem-21619303"}