Did Oprah Really Encounter a Racial Incident in a Swiss Store?

A Swiss shop girl denies the encounter that occurred between her and Oprah Winfrey.
3:18 | 08/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did Oprah Really Encounter a Racial Incident in a Swiss Store?
Sorry to check this out that was a flurry of activity on social media and just kind of in general when Oprah Winfrey came back from a trip and said that she had experienced. Racism when she was overseas because she had asked to see bag at a store. And the sales woman had told her that -- that I was too expensive for her obviously not recognize yes it was Oprah Winfrey who are now the sales lady has anonymously come out to say. That -- a liar. So she's not speaking she's remaining anonymous but the owner of the store which is trying to pump turning his training to -- is speaking out. This isn't she has just put. The end -- -- from being the -- are really promised me that she. It's everything from the ballpark actually she wasn't sure eighty feet marketing is all brown -- it it like somebody else. All -- you aren't there you have -- it's kind of become this doesn't take an icon of its -- this happened in Switzerland went -- was there -- we haven't heard from -- since this little -- -- -- overseas -- that right it's going to be interesting to see what her take -- on the whole -- in the potential for you know what language gap by -- but you know over a Smart woman she doesn't she's going -- I would think I agree with -- now -- -- if anybody -- is that this. That's not the first time. That Oprah has claimed that has happened to her. Where she's -- into a star and she hasn't been recognized that a person in the store. According to Oprah because -- -- a minority has set the value wound is not the store for you -- does this stuff is too expensive -- So there's the store and the clerk is saying once again anonymously I don't know why she's making these accusations she is so powerful I am just a shopper -- -- -- -- -- It is mean Oprah hasn't been in the news for lion before seeing now she makes them and why -- she -- why would she pick among with the randomly in the store yeah announces plans and -- so won't let -- -- and it's -- the end of. It will continue yeah. This is organized Star Wars creator George Lucas -- 69 years old -- these new daddy him and his wife melody -- Welcome a baby girl born on Friday and the name this is a good name Everest Hobson. Lucas Edwards alternate stigma that's the first biological child for both parties they married in June that the Skywalker Ranch -- marine county. Lucas is 69 he has three children from previous marriage they were all adopted children the oldest being 32 -- quite an age difference between -- and 44. They've -- conference back in 2006 and they welcome their their babies -- good for them -- -- but we won't have any trouble with. Have a new -- shoes every year apparently Lucas films was sold to our company Walt Disney in October. Four billion dollars. Never -- -- -- getting everything yeah whatever they thought about it. Yeah are really quickly add take a listen to Lady -- for -- -- called applies there she is not burglary.

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{"id":19943728,"title":"Did Oprah Really Encounter a Racial Incident in a Swiss Store?","duration":"3:18","description":"A Swiss shop girl denies the encounter that occurred between her and Oprah Winfrey.","url":"/WNN/video/oprah-encounter-racial-incident-swiss-store-19943728","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}