Skinny: Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Tears

Talk show host gets emotional when receiving honorary Oscar.
3:31 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skinny: Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Tears
-- -- Senator Hillary -- Well now it's time for the skinny and get this Oprah has an honorary Oscar how it -- -- she's. Love Oprah she's the one of her new favorite -- she's got this Oscar she received it works Philanthropic efforts the gene -- humanitarian award. She's gave this extremely heartfelt. Speech and -- just look at her reaction. We have a little bit of sound from Oprah. Or. What this really means is that you all understand that what I've been trying to do when -- tried to say all these years. Is that all of us can make a difference to the life that we live. -- making it and I can't tell you. I don't think she should can't show I think he knew how to with a lot of people that are -- here. -- -- I think that was because she still has so much work to do but kudos -- open Oracle. Oscar -- -- what we don't show on -- afterwards she's told everyone to check under their seats. -- -- -- During an Oscar. Gephardt bashing you've heard of her yet yet get a little -- twenty million dollar weddings 72 days you know the whole back story and that's what -- -- she's firing back right now because apparently. One of the people that she used to work with this this Jonathan Jackson. Is now coming out with a book -- -- saying that you know what she never planned on marrying Chris Humphries the whole marriage was a big scam and now she is firing back in true -- dashing in -- he's hired. A legal pit bull Marty singer to put a muzzle on this -- apparently he signed a confidentiality agreement. For 200000 dollars she wants that cash back because if you gotta start squealing about details now but now yet is that really the hold up. Miss prosecuted does that -- 2000 -- as a. -- the hot today he'll have to think he's telling obviously yeah it's it's it's worth it. This is another story we have Sasha -- a porn star. Former porn star they're saying reads to elementary school in California. First graders and parents are outraged I've got to tell you I did a gut check for myself you know apparent I don't like -- I know the first graders don't know she's a porn star but they're supposed to be role model speaking to -- kids and I just. -- -- and I think a lot of them are gonna say when that these pictures coming from TMC. Of her reading into the class. It's. Should this be the first -- -- I don't know why the former porn star. -- -- And again I'm just glad devil's advocate do you think those kids are gonna know that she was appoints them but they don't want to know why she's the person they're speaking to that and then what do you say well because she's a -- -- because we've not wonder if you want you weren't -- You can be just like I -- at -- not laugh about this I don't have kids so I can't I give my some answers but not progressive but I don't mind this is not. Not quite settled with -- You know there's a huge loss this weekend in the Philanthropic community. Evelyn Lauder who is the daughter in law of Estee -- of course there's a lot of a -- cosmetics company. She died over the weekend at age of 75 and obviously -- not only been a cosmetics giant but she started the pink ribbon campaign to raise awareness and breast cancer -- Just a huge loss to the Philanthropic community and definitely felt. Just in the entire world for the contribution -- --

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{"id":14946779,"title":"Skinny: Oprah Winfrey's Oscar Tears","duration":"3:31","description":"Talk show host gets emotional when receiving honorary Oscar.","url":"/WNN/video/oprah-winfrey-cries-at-oscar-ceremony-14946779","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}