Oprah to Sit With Bobbi Kristina

Winfrey to sit down with Whitney Houston's daughter; Demi Moore rehab update.
3:12 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Oprah to Sit With Bobbi Kristina
-- Welcome back everybody let's -- addition there -- Monday morning at its source cash in the fallout from Whitney Houston said someone had to get the first to -- an interview. Post funeral on of course that is now or go to Oprah Winfrey learned over the weekend that -- actually upcoming Oprah's next chapter episode which -- -- march 11 and I think is this coming. Sunday we'll feature -- interview -- Eighteen year old Bobbi Kristina Whitney and Bobby rounds of dollar as well as. Patricia Houston who was Whitney's sister -- mentions all the funeral you saw her speak. And also Whitney's brother Gary -- also -- poker player. March 11 all of Oprah's network -- -- -- needs help in the ratings I would assume this would help and -- -- Bobbi Christina actually turns nineteen this coming Sunday the same day. This -- so. Tune in financially very using specially the daughter lot of concerns about her -- witness death and -- Saddam's -- to sit down with the -- terrible sound what's going on. You know it anymore she -- check yourself in the therapy after that night on one call. About a month ago she has -- released from -- She is now vacationing at an undisclosed. Location in the Caribbean. People Magazine is reporting though that Ashton Kutcher -- visited her while she was undergoing therapy there is no chance though for a reconciliation. He basically did because he knew it was important to her daughters and important to maintain that -- her -- relationship peeved by the way has been spotted recently. In Italy with his new flame -- -- by the need learning -- idea. And -- she kind of looks like Lebanon Yemen and Indiana's nursing some comparisons. But I think a downgrade from. To me see it's this article up from a minimum of it and all of this -- a time -- this is getting better and that's you know such -- at a rehab so. Causes bigger rehab Lindsay Lohan back in the news from like alcohol and drug rehab and now -- -- and image rehab for the fourth time she was. -- guest host on Saturday Night Live over the weekend but some mixed. Reviews here they said she wasn't features prominently as other -- -- -- kind of in the the backdrop some the sketches of -- of the main character here is in some -- this year I was reading the cue cards there were some funny moments particularly from a -- -- to check out one. Didn't blink ping how they'll be great thing about -- dollar and you'll be mad at the -- got slow have been. This don't character he's he's welcome. It is unless his long and slow to try again. As it once again try to rehab at a machine was -- very mixed reviews on this and a funny as follows an age she's -- she looks a little different -- but she's never she's -- that hard kind of party lives is gonna take install but she's trying to come back we'll see. How it goes OK so this didn't -- you know fallout between Gabriel Aubrey and Halley Berry has not going well and the latest demands he wants happily married to pay fifteen to 20000 a month for -- proper homes amongst other. That so that it their three year old daughter can happen. She's Jewish she's accustomed to what a large amount of money for clothing of course -- -- nothing. This there's going to be a trial hearing -- April -- now I love that phrase what you'll become accustomed to it's always interesting.

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{"id":15847742,"title":"Oprah to Sit With Bobbi Kristina","duration":"3:12","description":"Winfrey to sit down with Whitney Houston's daughter; Demi Moore rehab update.","url":"/WNN/video/oprah-winfrey-nabs-bobbi-kristina-interview-15847742","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}