Oprah Winfrey Will Take Self-Help on The Road

The talk queen announces an 8 city arena tour with self-help gurus.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oprah Winfrey Will Take Self-Help on The Road
Welcome to K now we have a major headline this morning from the queen of daytime talk Oprah Winfrey herself set to headline unprecedented multi city US tour this fall called the the life you want weekend. Now it's going to be an eight city arena tour promising a transformational. Weekend featuring opera and a team of special guests including if not -- Tickets go on sale next month starting at 99. Bucks not bad for transformational I -- -- not. And -- not. All right an actor in the hit TV series scandal is -- -- -- -- scandal himself Columbus short charged with knocking out a man and breaking his nose after an argument and a restaurant he's out on 50000 dollars bail does not -- first run -- with the law. And just last month he was arrested for the battery of a former south. There was another battery case three and a half years ago in five years ago he was arrested for drunken driving now ironically on scandal. -- -- the crisis management expert and well there could be or could there be a reality show in -- other and bachelorette Ashley Herbert. Expecting that's right she fell in love with self described cool dentist JP Rosenbaum on season seven of the shell and they married in December of 2000. She says that families -- begin -- -- them about starting a family since their engagement back in 2011 Herbert admits they've been trying for a couple of months but she found out the shore. When she took a pregnancy test in January when the couple was in California for the wedding a bachelor stars Sean Lowe and Catherine due to -- It cannot speak for about Thursday because one of the most popular boy bands of the eighty's and ninety's have now announced a branded store and you dance on the -- -- -- ladies and certain names. Here's this great right -- yeah. New Kids On The Block announcing it will be four shows in sin city and celebration of their thirty years together the concert will take place at planet Hollywood. In Las Vegas in July saying here of the -- these days. Donnie Wahlberg Jordan Knight Danny was Jonathan -- KO ATV -- sold more than eighty million for a slider I -- you bopping their and it's easier -- -- -- fanned out we Jimmy posters on the wall where I. A couple of posters but I think they we're a little performing teeny -- for years we've seen them for for kicks with friends. I think and I don't know I heard them like a one of the daytime show -- in and then in a little fine tuning. There you have to focus.

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{"id":23078034,"title":"Oprah Winfrey Will Take Self-Help on The Road","duration":"3:00","description":"The talk queen announces an 8 city arena tour with self-help gurus.","url":"/WNN/video/oprah-winfrey-road-23078034","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}