Oreo's Newest Summer Flavor

Oreo introduces watermelon as their summer flavor.
2:55 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for Oreo's Newest Summer Flavor
-- in an accident waiting all morning. Stories about -- I have some upsets yeah that's the classic that's my favorite too -- to know if -- better than that anyway Gloria wanted to relieve suffering Kabila. So they kind of back to this idea around about a new Oreo that they could promote and they came up with a flavor you ready. Now water and another -- I'm not getting watermelon flavor Florio's do you enjoy your classic -- -- -- -- -- -- We shows us from the RF spokesperson Kimberly politics telling time magazine which doesn't -- Dallas flight what is it called again that's I. Glamour -- -- I would just watermelon because it's fun summer it goes great with a gold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anderson -- try to show over one responses to the watermelon ones on Twitter range from a sounds heavenly to this one. I looked up abomination. Against -- in the dictionary and there was the picture of the watermelon Orioles which sounds about right I wish they had the watermelon. I think you've got the elderly and in doing it pays any. And it looks like -- that they're promoting his in the short -- long. They didn't -- it -- chocolate and you don't want conducted in a dividend charting our own home from the classic has -- -- it -- like server doesn't it. The latest is like -- -- -- -- -- I think -- is very Smart they know that every -- start talking about Orioles and basically come on home. The runs Leon and I buckled not I'm not -- -- I can tell you about this next story a little food. I'm waiting for a long time to get engaged. -- and -- other. For thirtieth I'm -- forty years the husband the boards that White House was getting engagement at that point I'm. She's seven did you hit seven in time he's been asking her to marry him for the last thirty years as a man and love every time that she has -- -- PM mask she has said no winds will most recently. They finally got engaged he thought he says he Dayton -- many -- for thirty years or more master countless occasions I mean I'm writing each time she turned me down. I -- she never say the word I will -- well guess what she finally that I well. And they -- just say I do in front of friends and family. On Friday they said that they decided I know they had eight kids together. And they said they finally decide to do this because some other kids are dealing with heart problems and -- -- -- -- that they want and then. It gets -- that we want a perfect family that's perfect couple who tell everybody have a great one has been neck and her. Denominator -- that -- her birthday present to him. It has everything perfect -- of France Italy great 75 by the way but yes it was like from anywhere in -- last hundred years. All right do all British designers have invented another flying by school we showed you want we could go -- is difficult one. This one that can sort of 4000 feet cover about 75 miles after lift off renting it out. And it looks pretty -- I -- you know I mean really great to do you get nasty Orioles wouldn't all right couples coming.

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{"id":19443853,"title":"Oreo's Newest Summer Flavor","duration":"2:55","description":"Oreo introduces watermelon as their summer flavor.","url":"/WNN/video/oreos-newest-summer-flavor-19443853","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}