Oscar Fashion Winners and Losers

Which breakthrough fashions graced the red carpet this year?
4:38 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Oscar Fashion Winners and Losers
No matter on this day. -- so the 84 annual Academy Awards are in the books and now all there's left to do is debate about the winners and of course. The losers on the red carpet here to help us with that as our beauty critics -- -- shop who's also the owner. And founder of the completely -- chains Cindy woken -- -- -- my kind of recognize there. You might recognize her from season four. Not real housewives New York City OK let's get right to it -- beginning with Michelle Williams lady in red hot beautiful beautiful beautiful it's very hard for a young girl looks so sophisticated be so stylish. Also with the hair I -- I don't think anybody else Canada and a what did you -- and most about her look I think as. Sophistication and -- Ellington -- like. She's -- starlet who she is like from the past senate today. Take a look at the past the theology have -- students she just she's graceful. Grace Kelly. Yet if it Octavia Spencer had a great night as well in terms of hardware and pushing ahead on this -- is magnificent with what she wore my -- to the dress itself. She stayed with the same design issue -- -- -- and I just think. Design and crystals talent when it actually accentuated the great parts for her right and cover the others I really and distaste with -- Very happy far and I loved her speech as well and and so little trouble getting up those steps but his. He's got great luck seems outfit that's pictures set -- -- -- feel that real. -- -- Seattle while I -- list I don't when it Belltown. Going to if she's always done things happening such a trend setter. I just -- the case and I drove away. And it seemed to be a little bit of a trend to absolutely. The ways and a little bit of -- -- talent could mean yes OK whom they miss Jay Leno. Hospital foundation with Cameron Diaz but that it was a nice sound. Hey thanks -- get up okay. The accidents were beautiful -- I'm Cameron also. I think every days to dress of Janice and -- down but no he's talking about the back of her dress. People are talking about the front yes and I can potentially what happened and we are I don't know I -- Latin woman -- the there's a little shadow going on over there. It's amazing how everybody noticed that and I -- body I did notice I was sitting there my husband like if -- -- -- -- hanging out -- and they're -- -- questions -- so. I think we'll be talking about that for the rest of the year -- -- and -- -- at what's different six times exactly this week he looked at what looked very beautiful and I like your -- as well. I love that -- that's like that -- hit because you are. I loved that for me. That's not feeling that I didn't love with her hair and and it wasn't sure about that she's doing -- -- -- -- on renovations and Selig. Should have been -- -- little bit more sometimes. We'll look at that yeah okay winners and losers beginning with anti spam -- the -- know me cupcake I felt bad it's beautiful woman Pamela Mitchell did you -- crane has a look at she's stunning. CN actually -- a little bit like keeps it intends to with the red hair. But that it's that The -- agendas and I don't know style sprinkles that they had a history -- -- the assistant -- -- man and I and I think she's magnificent so. But somebody else -- to get yeah just what about the dress here yes -- Keebler love the guy in her arm -- and -- lessons nearly which she was wearing a series like yeah. She looked like -- upstairs. I don't know I don't understand -- like -- validity of that and it. Well she's a beautiful woman she's beautiful woman who dresses beautiful -- different style I think on the tracks the blue the color not style gas collars beautiful Melissa McCarthy. Melissa McCarthy. She's hysterical when -- Just when it's time we're talking at close China took about the personality but even -- -- yeah okay that is -- she got the diamonds around her -- send me. The worst thing to do and when -- outside enemy we have finally Karen Perrier. Grade what about Judy Greer. Judy -- -- solid start as you know Judy Greer and then she comes up with us like race track. So that -- -- -- had done much better job much less sophisticated jobs available but different and the real good about tearing it intends. -- -- It was Jessica Jessica yes there and -- -- out of the Red Hat Society she looked magnificent. Her hair I noticed her cats are difficult to handicap on -- ahead. As she is so beautiful and our thanks to you beauty critics Andy -- shot we will be right back you're watching news world news now.

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{"id":15798512,"title":"Oscar Fashion Winners and Losers","duration":"4:38","description":"Which breakthrough fashions graced the red carpet this year?","url":"/WNN/video/oscar-fashion-winners-and-losers-15798512","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}