Oscar Winner Donates Money to Pakistani Teen

Angelina Jolie donates $200,000 to the Pakistani teen shot in the head by the Taliban.
3:26 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Oscar Winner Donates Money to Pakistani Teen
Aren't welcome to the skinny we have some really good news to tell you about in a skinny just in general that this is really great -- Angelina Jolie apparently has honored in the -- is that site. And has donated 200000 dollars to the lawless funds now if you don't remember moment in the -- she's the Pakistani teenager who has now turned into. The kind. Superstar -- she was shot in the head by the Taliban last year because she -- she's an advocate for girls having an education and she. It was very verbal about that she's living in Pakistan. And she was attacked by the Taliban while she was honored and Angelina Jolie. And the -- was seen in video she was actually there but she said this is the -- moment of my life. Because of this -- that she has she's able to educate forty girls at a school and now she says if we can educate forty girls. We can educate forty million girls and that has been her -- since the very beginning all she wants she says it's your. -- your right to be able to get an education that's the only thing she stands for and -- -- an eloquent. Carl no doubt about that event justly considered on the block last night carried -- -- -- -- Jay-Z and beyoncé. Celebrating their fifth anniversary in style gets where they went. Coffee place Cuba. On Thursday they toward old Havana where dark class is surrounded by bodyguards and fans beyoncé. Talking with school kids JC puppet of big -- cigar Cuban cigar. Very interesting that they -- Cuba they called -- tourist trip Washington's 51 year embargo makes it illegal for most US citizens to visit Cuba but. Tens of thousands of Americans do travel there every year on things like religious academic journalistic cultural exchange types of licenses. No comments on that but I UQ this fantastic -- befriended him and he -- great things about all the controversial though. I'm a little but. The fact that they're kind of out and about and they're not really shying away from the cameras believe some people to believe that they probably. Somehow enabled one of these licenses probably like a cultural exchange lemons because they aren't hiding from the cameras so -- with their status -- They got it -- began their their legally no problem at all OK so now. Think it's -- There have been rumors -- her and her husband Will Smith had an open relationship I have. And she was asked about it take a listen to our response. Always told. If you can do what for you want. As long as you can look at yourself in the Mira and be okay. -- OK because at the end of the day Willis his old man. I'm here as his partner the heat is his old man he passed it to sack whom she wants to be. Strong words if you ask me sixteen year marriage in Hollywood and I she's essentially saying something like -- yeah. I don't think she's saying yes we have an open marriage I think she's saying we respect each other he makes his own decisions we are still individuals and there's nothing wrong without us having open communication maybe not necessarily an open marriage I think that's a bit of a stretch of the -- All right and real quick let me tell you about -- -- we've been talking about him and his contract. Expiring he's gonna get up fifteen million dollar payday. Down from the Tonight Show so that's nice -- -- that makes it a little easier and how about we step down fifty million bucks to -- world is now.

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{"id":18886403,"title":"Oscar Winner Donates Money to Pakistani Teen","duration":"3:26","description":"Angelina Jolie donates $200,000 to the Pakistani teen shot in the head by the Taliban.","url":"/WNN/video/oscar-winner-donates-money-pakistani-teen-18886403","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}