Oscars 2014: Most Wanted Man in Hollywood

ABC News' Brandi Hitt shows us how that golden statue can bring such big emotion.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars 2014: Most Wanted Man in Hollywood
Fight tonight and drama unlike any other Oscar night biggest night of the year from movie stars -- in the speeches in the fashion and the hosts always something -- Back then but there is -- one thing you can count on that never changes in his Oscar and self ABC's Brady hit shows us how this little guy gets to the world's biggest stage. You get their hands particularly -- -- -- -- a small steps you just holding Oscar can bring out the biggest emotions. I had a dream content. And it came true and it's a long road for this eight and a half pound Goldman guy to even get to Hollywood. It all starts here at RS so it is based in Chicago where they had been creating Oscars since 1983. I see equality I see. The most prestigious were -- world. First Oscar is molded out of the composite metal Britannia bubbling -- more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit. He's been cooled and polished before getting dipped in copper nickel silver and finally 24 karat gold. Each statue -- marked with a serial number then become the name plates. All the nominees get engraved and then he asked the telecast is going when they announced the winners they pull out those winning names and put them on -- -- We were there as -- have to -- -- was attached to her Oscar following last year's ceremony. And technically the stars don't fully own their Oscar since 1951. Winners have signed agreements that state if they ever want to sell their -- -- they must first -- -- to the academy for one dollar. But judging by these smiles most -- happy to keep Oscar at home. Older Oscars do -- -- on the market from time to time. When Betty Davis is 1938 Oscar was up for sale Steven Spielberg bought it for 578000. Dollars. And he donated it back to the academy. Brady hit ABC news. Los Angeles. So many interesting little fact. This -- -- -- Oscar allegedly comes from a remark by academy secretary Margaret Herrick who said that the statue looked like her uncle Oscar. The academy -- officially use the nickname until 1939. But it stuck that -- also the first ceremony was in 1929. It lasted only fifteen minutes really some of the changes wouldn't last that long and didn't have the music start to play is -- a little luck that one during World War II the Oscar statues are made of plaster instead of. The usual Goldman's. -- -- and 2701. -- -- Sunday. Night to figure we'll have all the Oscar runs.

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{"id":22714109,"title":"Oscars 2014: Most Wanted Man in Hollywood","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Brandi Hitt shows us how that golden statue can bring such big emotion.","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-2014-statue-behind-the-scenes-22714109","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}