Outrage Over '50 Shades' Casting

Fans have created online petitions to have the film's lead stars replaced.
6:21 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Outrage Over '50 Shades' Casting
But mrs. -- everybody have a little bit of an update on the story that we told you about yesterday so yesterday we told you. That there was new cast members for our lord that bad -- Movie fifty shades of gray has been cast by these two people. Surely -- found -- -- to me anyway yes so that people who apparently had been cast until yesterday. There they are Charlie. And Dakota Johnson. Now police super fans have taken to change dot org to voice their opinions on who should be Christian -- prestigious -- 7000 fans across the globe parties signed to this very fast moving petition. And they're saying that they would prefer are mad bomber analysts -- split -- to play. The two main characters -- now why -- beats me but here's a little sampling of what they sat on the website Melissa Spain says. Mad bomber is perfect to play his role he's the only Christian -- he's a great actor and he can that the character perfectly -- -- -- -- -- another one says as a reader into shades of gray I had my expectations -- I would like them to come true on that will be. I don't know I have well I have -- Seattle anyway my pay grade are actually so. So anyway let's watch the. And that may -- the remake you'll get the boat -- got. Hey Jon Stewart's back. Another date yet he returned from making that that film rose water that he's been in the last three months -- took a break from the daily -- backwards listen. -- on his back today after a student. Aid. I could dance. Good to have them back right John. Is really good as well -- want people speculate I have yet his own show them you know amid not on Comedy Central somewhere because he really was very charming as well it is great to have -- Jon Stewart back on. They show I'm sure John how they don't Harvard did an amazing really does a great job that's not easy on the -- -- caveat everybody on that -- deserves their own show because they're so. OK so here's -- Stunning stunning news -- a super fans of the show HBO show true blood here you have it from but it's apparently calling it our. Hill those two stars of the show and they say that by a next summer. That's going to be the end of it that's going to be the show's seventh season it's going to be ten episode season and it will be over our. It's gonna begin at the beginning of summer and then -- and at this end of next year so there you have -- you have one more year Texas. Bite your nails and figure out what the heck is going on on the show but others and that's the show that's got some real fans like must confess I have never seen -- you if you watch -- I have not -- I -- I Donna what -- our hair is a huge fan and yes she doesn't understand how nobody else can watch -- show which says it's great so I'm sure she's gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- Shedding a tear it and -- Donna that's not what American Idol but the show that's kind of -- show. They have announced that dream. Bryant yeah everybody's trying evident that your whitehurst yeah they just -- -- news they don't make it. Back to idle dream team is announced its. Harry Connick junior how about that that's the mystery man to play and he'll be there with Keith Urban and Randy Jackson will be back as a industry and -- expertise person to help contestants as an in house -- And dean Ryan Seacrest we'll be back as well and by the way -- the first time in a long time the panel of judges are all performers and singers very very. -- but we start with the congratulations to let our colleagues Katy Perry is engaged to her. Beyond now fiance -- his name is and John moment. Apparently he -- the question when they were in east -- didn't. This happened over the weekend -- with a diamond range of course said yes as you now. And there she is on her show her show by the way it's starting its second season on Monday so tune in Hampshire she's gonna have a lot more details about. The engagement. She also treated at a very sweet. Tweet saying yes it's true so touched by -- kindly to normally should thank you agree to end to this summer and looking forward to seeing you -- home Monday. Congrats to -- and perhaps to. Are you ready for little sexy but. The chill on some major Cleveland leaflets some major Cleveland as a way to independently must look at the average up. -- -- -- Hello I'm Vanity Fair cover. Named model of the year check that out -- celebrating their 100 anniversary issue and they're channeling the Marilyn Monroe type shot yeah sure when that. Major cleavage the photographer behind that. She's kind of approach to be made -- -- -- -- studio and -- don't cover -- which mimics the original dress -- fare from. October 1 of 1913. And and -- -- talks about some of the rough time she had coming up -- people you know questioning whether she was pretty enough to do this all that but. I'm sorry I lost. I'm just. I don't think it first launched yet stunning -- I love can't it's not happen body of a memorial won't match any need to shakes and jiggle like Garfield woman linger on the catwalk don't -- let's not natural people did that yeah. They'll talk about are you don't pay any attention to me aside -- the women other than all the all the medical -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She -- -- you think it's a completely different fishing and that -- why aren't you. She's blind. We'll -- got a good images of Hersh goes plunges Burnett she was there with northwest late -- and I thought what I'd like she didn't do like the whole -- crazy lines just like the student you know some logs or blogs that. We have some more information for you she apparently -- -- in one of the previews of keeping up with the -- ash is. That she is okay with posing for Playboy. And if you remember she goes back in 2007 interestingly issue of Harper's -- time didn't. Remember her. I don't buy it for -- that I buy for your article. A hundred. Intentional Harper's bazaar that she regretted it avenged a glamour that she'd made her feel independence. Backgrounds -- --

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{"id":20150695,"title":"Outrage Over '50 Shades' Casting","duration":"6:21","description":"Fans have created online petitions to have the film's lead stars replaced.","url":"/WNN/video/outrage-50-shades-casting-20150695","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}