Paula Deen Sued for Harassment

A woman claims she was sexually harassed in a restaurant owned by Deen.
3:13 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Paula Deen Sued for Harassment
-- OK we Begin with -- from radar online and some shocking accusations against Paula dean and her brother Bubba here is a former employee. The company you. Vice filing a claim with some players have some pretty egregious claims it's a lawsuit she's filed a lawsuit rather she says that -- Paula -- and her brother used the N word. And who she was also sexually harassed. She claims infliction of emotional distress and assault now -- this woman is claiming that to be a brother. He's a frequent customer pornography he would download sites at work. She says that she have reported -- back in 2010 but because nothing was done about it she laughed. And now she has filed this lawsuit on -- the former employees are also expected to come forward as witnesses. Indeed this is business this is kind of -- kind of -- is -- hard to imagine apology going this far -- it's -- some disparaging words of such as what's being claimed that. -- to use it then somewhere against the president as well Linda Schmidt were -- with the gulf oil supposed to -- -- back. No valuation short shelf we have after the diabetes and knowing now this -- -- good year for Paula -- you hope it's not true but. Good morning person coming forward -- -- well -- 11 mile -- one woman is filing this lawsuit and there are expected to be other employees to come forward as -- -- -- Apollo -- -- was not true there all right Patricia -- may remember her of course is Deborah from Everybody Loves Raymond great show I love that sitcom. She got and how water because she decided to -- into the -- -- Rush Limbaugh contraception to make. Because she actually. Tweeting the girl who was at the center of all this sense that Georgetown loss to take a look at some of the tweets and she directly said. KG to pound out -- parents have to pay for your birth control -- get a say in who you sleep with instant birth control there also went on to write this. Turn your underwear inside album maybe you only have to. Have to do laundry every two weeks saves on detergent and trips to the laundromat so she -- got down and dirty in the freighters you can imagine things did not. State did not go -- as she wrote that she was actually forces -- her Twitter account. Down because the uproar got so heated that she's treated this on Monday I apologize to this girl last week -- may not agree with reviews by didn't treat her with -- respect and I'm sorry. I was wrong -- -- she treated. To that but Debra from -- weighing in hard -- on this -- she views. That wondering what Vanessa Manila the very beautiful but that -- and these machines child would look like what your public gonna find out late summer while they announced that they are expected teens. They're going to be first time parents they need to -- the announcement Monday morning he made it while hosting with co -- with Kelly rip are different and of course you know after all eyes are on his ex wife. Jessica Simpson who -- she didn't. Maybe -- caring. Every problem that -- that -- see if she's got a couple more months. OK all right we'll let you know when an idea what this is safe bet here's -- matter what almost as -- and be good looking kids yet well that's like -- --

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{"id":15855846,"title":"Paula Deen Sued for Harassment","duration":"3:13","description":"A woman claims she was sexually harassed in a restaurant owned by Deen.","url":"/WNN/video/paula-deen-sued-harassment-15855846","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}