Four people go home from 'American Idol'

America voted and now 10 contestants move on to the next round of "American Idol." ABC News' Will Ganss reports on a nerve-wrecking elimination round.
3:40 | 04/24/18

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Transcript for Four people go home from 'American Idol'
The danger zone. How are. This game series. Then we aren't in danger zone because. I have begun on American on the upcoming events are American Idol analyst and super fan will get hands is here. To bring us up to speed I was Catholic aviators yeah. Patrick finger drag to access. But that guys I don't place has always been. Basic black horse race advice. Many hopefuls found themselves in the danger zone America voted sending six contestants they're that if the root for the next round which let. Four spots open in the top ten rules for the remaining eight contestants had to seem to save their life last night. And Luke life knowing Katie just which four would move forward and with horribly deep cuts. But before we get to the heartbreak how about some highway yeah. And a happy place let's start a happy place would Michael. With a rousing rendition of if you believe from the waves. But he wasn't the only one celebrating and take a look at this happy dance that went down. When Ryan announced that he was there to the next round Katie and live. Yeah. This of their fan I really went way yeah yeah. Next that we already know that can this your favorite Katie turner and saying look like the stars despite whatever you say I'm. But this week she looked like it starts you with an important part of the competition and laid her cover of militant. Humility bellows Havana take a listen I voted to convince. The Ford and thing I was I got by the products made sure they came to the top ten and also. The judges' favorite this week aside from their snacks of course. Who had a thing for her life yeah. In jeopardy fittingly she sang and I'm telling you I'm not going from big an amendment. I'm disease. Yeah. Beside the getting a voice and he. Rounds. Filled with her wrapping up a tough and we got and a Clarence. My name's Matty popping. And journey there fame in GAAP me. Michelle sad thing Caleb and rocket man came right there which means that going home are Garrett Marciano reports are Justine and Johnny grant who. It took ballet lessons this week to train. Suggestion from Katy to try to improve its presence is still. Times even a ballet lesson is that in the seeing them on the decision ruehe is speech president Hillary and now war. Back I can fit in there that hey there. Well next week at Disney geeks that get here Mickey Mouse appears ready. But before I leave we suck Katie and leagues happy dance what is yours look like you guys you don't get your ally yeah. We will not be doing any Bally's skills on and on national television because. There did it had to have. I felt thank you thank you had to. Not a breath from that we're out of Trenton and new good for thinking golly it's very around baboon this skinny. Bonus skinny hung up next bonus skinny.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"America voted and now 10 contestants move on to the next round of \"American Idol.\" ABC News' Will Ganss reports on a nerve-wrecking elimination round. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"54684113","title":"Four people go home from 'American Idol' ","url":"/WNN/video/people-home-american-idol-54684113"}