Pet Rescue in Japan's Nuclear Zone

United Kennel Club of Japan works to help owners reclaim their animals.
2:43 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Pet Rescue in Japan's Nuclear Zone
It's been nearly a year since that devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the people there are still struggling to recover. There also scores of forgotten victims helpless dying animals left behind in scrambling to survive. More from ABC's -- Keiko the -- It's an unseemly sight -- -- is running loose dogs roaming empty streets with nowhere to go home. Residents of Japan's nuclear exclusion zone haven't been allowed back home for nearly a year since the Fukushima disaster turned their neighborhoods into contaminated waste plants. Their pets left to fend for themselves. -- all. Yes -- -- with the united kennel club of Japan here to help -- to rescue those animals. This day he spots -- how -- huddled near his brother's remains. Rescuers capture the mother outside now too weak to put up for tonight's -- doctor -- -- -- -- that -- that you were -- government insists there are few pets but definitely see their footprints in the snow who's who tells me they're fighting to stay in life. -- has been coming here for ten months now -- rescued more than 700 pets but he -- two dozen are dying every day. Freezing temperatures and lack of food are taking it -- despite desperate attempts to stay alive. What he wants come here a temporary shelter set up for more than 300 families who can't take their pets that. Each offer a harrowing tale these puppies. Report after the disaster -- also says they were severely malnourished when he rescued then in December. In fact these dogs were covered in dirt and had little fur on them no -- -- that. 120 High Court. One dog chain to his house survived after 39 days without food or water -- says. Stanley came to rescue you know but he -- days later. There are -- stories of hope. This mixed breed known -- Seaver was found less than a mile from the Fukushima reactors hit by a car his legs crushed when also rescued him last summer. Several surgeries later he's walking again. -- -- -- -- Kind of -- like Japan. Slowly but surely coming back in March 11 as the one year anniversary as. Asking -- during that story and a much different level. Hurricane Katrina when you were there in your reporting and that some similar means is that the level of destruction and the pets mean over thousands -- -- he -- make given parents who were found later -- -- -- The catastrophe of that magnitude there's always going to be some similar ripple -- so our thoughts always and to world's ultimately with Japan -- -- hardly has been a year that that story broke we -- Michelle never forget that night unbelievable.

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{"id":15750149,"title":"Pet Rescue in Japan's Nuclear Zone","duration":"2:43","description":"United Kennel Club of Japan works to help owners reclaim their animals.","url":"/WNN/video/pet-rescue-in-japans-nuclear-zone-15750149","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}