Petition to move Super Bowl to Saturday

The high school student behind the petition says he doesn’t want the sporting spectacle to fall on a school night. ABC News’ Will Ganss has details.
2:26 | 01/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Petition to move Super Bowl to Saturday
Just days before the big game and Frankie breeze Jerry is throwing the flag on Super Bowl Sunday entirely. That's because the New York high schooler is rooting for a Super Bowl Saturday. For a life. Super Bowl to be on Saturday because of schools are not open on the next day of school the next morning no word. Myers at this Saturday. It's a fair point that's been argued in the past by USA today at Ford's. And the AJC writing that the day after the game is a productivity killer for employers. But companies losing almost 300 million dollars in wages for every ten minutes. Workers spend recapping the game. And now frank he's going for a hail Mary launching a change dot org petition in hopes of getting the NFL the noticed. Frank d.s own athletic directors saying it's a solid play. It on its way things with Frankie comes up an idea and you know and take that. Yeah energy and finds weight you know make it happen. Frank he's principal is signed the petition along with more than 5000 other people and how many more is he hoping for pounds punts and millions. But one of the most important people who likely won't be signing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Just last year explaining why Saturday's Super Bowl is a bit farfetched the. Artists is on Sunday night or so much larger you know and so fans want to have those. Best opportunity in deals to the game and we want to give that to a. As Frankie gathers more signatures Ford Super Bowl Saturday the commission does have one idea for a compromise in the mean time. Sunday night the veteran right have a clear have to ailment that Howard's our camera. Our top and indeed get l.s idea for a half day Monday afraid he's ready to move the game to Saturday. Might be something to consider death as a recent survey shows that an estimated thirteen point nine million workers. We'll call out sick that Monday making it one of the biggest six days of a year and a better and they're not created bad doing it right right pupils who they have a fever I got ahead of get creative outlet on already now frank you're not gonna happen right I mean come line I kind of condition. I think the ratings are big on Sunday night yes for also. That's on Saturday might show up yeah. I shall write hey party can go longer you've gotten your do what you gotta do OK there's a couple more weeks and no big thing.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The high school student behind the petition says he doesn’t want the sporting spectacle to fall on a school night. ABC News’ Will Ganss has details. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68421586","title":"Petition to move Super Bowl to Saturday","url":"/WNN/video/petition-move-super-bowl-saturday-68421586"}