How to keep pets safe in excessive heat

ABC News' Will Ganss talks to the experts at North Shore Animal League of America about how to keep pets safe and happy in these hot dog days of summer.
2:36 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for How to keep pets safe in excessive heat
These dog days of Summers there are some things you just can't plans. So if you are going to be outside with your pets. And there are going to be getting a real wet where they're mad at him. Yeah. And on the other hand. Work hard and there are things you should anticipate to keep your pets safe this summer doctor Gerard let immediate North Shore animal league America teaching us the tricks. To make sure your four legged friends stay cool for the summer. Doctor L says first things first. You have to know your not every dot and tolerate people like every other. So he'll break these appellate brief violence but short noses like pugs are French cheese in Gaza medical conditions. Older geriatric dog overweight dogs they can't tolerate the heat and they just they can overheat very quickly enough that how do you know if they are overheating and understand the fine. The excessive panting difficult recovering and then on to things like vomiting and diarrhea a taxi way to become wobbly. Know that you have a situation has that needs needs with the. At that point clear dog off with water and call your bet. Lucky for us doctor L says it's pretty easy to prevent all of that these tips. Always supervisor pets when they're outside give them plenty of stayed clean water to drink and play in like these kiddie pools and never leave your pet in the car. And if your dog does want to go for a walk early mornings and late evenings are best. We recommend that people actually place your hand on the pavement for most recognition and I've seen has been anywhere between five and seven seconds. You can leave your hand on the asphalt for that period of time and probably save for your pet. Party he give them some fashionable boutiques. Prudent. Oh and one more dog on di tale from your pet can get a sunburn. Yes we that they recommend country don't use the one that you than on yourself. Get one that's actually labeled repent there you have it appears to look half thick summer day with your best friend. And one final summer safety tip for your pets if you're going to be voting this summer doctoral Cheney says the most likely member did spout your family to jump out of a moving boat. Your dogs who. Get in the life Jack Kate so important to remember Patrick also thinking about people in this heat for instance in Madison Wisconsin. Homeless shelters are going to be open and they won't turn folks awake even if these breach capacity. And DC shelters will be open 24/7 they're going to keep area pools open late. To help people beat the heat and also parents keep in mind playgrounds. Area that gets so hot though slides. Swings the metal think. Pocket great great great points got to protect the humans and the animals everybody thank you organs appreciated.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss talks to the experts at North Shore Animal League of America about how to keep pets safe and happy in these hot dog days of summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64411980","title":"How to keep pets safe in excessive heat","url":"/WNN/video/pets-safe-excessive-heat-64411980"}