Pharrell Williams Cries 'Happy' Tears

Oprah brings singer Pharrell Williams to tears of joy over success of hit song "Happy."
4:00 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Pharrell Williams Cries 'Happy' Tears
-- to we start with a touching way that fast and furious seven will be finished without home walker. Two Brothers gonna stand in for him that's right -- clear and -- resemblance as you can see here. Filming has resumed -- Caleb and Tony walker are helping out joining the cast a complete unfinished action scenes. Paul Walker in died in that fiery car crash in November. Producers and finishing the film is -- Paul -- wanted and that having the Brothers there makes the crew feel as though Paul is there. -- it's nice sentiment and really -- Miley Cyrus recovering this morning after she was hospitalized and forced to cancel concerts the 21 year old pop star is said to have had a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. She -- in this photo from her hospital bed in Kansas City where she was supposed to perform last night. The caption says her octopus and -- doctors are taking good care of her. Not clear why Cyrus was all antibiotics but she did cancel -- show in Charlotte last week because of the flu. Well we hope she feels better we did time for Rell might be known that happy song -- years of that making headlines this morning in the -- in the. -- don't wearing these actually tears of joy -- the 41 year old singer started crying on Oprah Winfrey Show as he described. Some success of his -- proper -- a clip of people in cities all over the world singing that song happy. It's overwhelming because it. I love what I do and I just appreciate the fact that like. People -- believed in me for so long that that I could make it to this point. To feel. To -- -- feel that. I was just reading about the interview saying it wasn't the most sincere and humbling -- he's never experienced during an interview all that foreign workman's. On top now and a lot of people don't realize this guy has I'd add it for a long time long time 41 years -- always pleasant. We really struggled to I -- he's had a lot of success. But he struggled every artist has this really is wonderful to say good for him. And -- not -- AC DC one of the most legendary hard rock bands in history -- word is they may soon have to call it -- reports say that one of its founders guitars and -- young suffering from a serious an undisclosed disease he -- some health issues. Got an eighty. That may -- event would respond in Australia in the early seventies to actually retires -- was supposed to get. Into the studio next month to report new album that means he's seen the -- had planned to tour this summer to -- its fortieth anniversary. But that is at least the -- lot of people are upset about that sound real housewives of New York's Charles talk about her Sonja Morgan has. Having money trouble for a few years now she is forced to rent out her beautiful upper east side town house to pay taxes and the place is going for 25000 dollars a month. She and her then husband John -- an heir to the JPMorgan fortune bought it for just over nine million dollars back in 1998. Home was on the market for just over seven -- but it didn't sound. If you happen to be understood by the way John let's not it has a gym and Spock sonong climate controlled -- -- -- -- everybody needs so yes she declared bankruptcy 2010 after being sued by a production company for failing to raise money for movie a place like that folks in Manhattan. None to -- wow whole lot estimates public moviegoers just couldn't get enough magic might well now they have something to look forward to a sequel to the 2000 -- hit about male strippers essentially hit theaters next July and it looks like sighs well definitely -- there. -- hadn't -- called magic tonight. Now -- -- extra extra large if you're wondering what that -- -- to the delight of fans. -- -- Expected to reprise his role is actually -- writing this follow up but we're not quite sure about Matthew McConaughey Kate and the rest of the boys -- Tatum says he wants the sequel to -- on bit of a road trip kind of place. The original movie got me up. 167. Million dollars worldwide if that's what got season coming up. -- and hips don't -- actually did and but -- just looking at this -- -- my good friend.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Oprah brings singer Pharrell Williams to tears of joy over success of hit song \"Happy.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23342185","title":"Pharrell Williams Cries 'Happy' Tears","url":"/WNN/video/pharrell-williams-cries-happy-tears-23342185"}