Philip Seymour Hoffman Diaries Show a Troubled Past

Diaries show battles with addiction as well as relationship strife.
3:00 | 02/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philip Seymour Hoffman Diaries Show a Troubled Past
We begin with private parts of the late actor from the Seymour Hoffman. Police say they found a couple of diaries in the apartment where Hoffman died of an apparent drug overdose the penmanship in the journals is reportedly hard to read but in them. Hoffman conveys a tortured soul who trying to control his drug use by going to narcotics anonymous meeting with his writings also talk about the shame he felt. About giving into the -- to take drug. -- was the only struggle -- -- like this morning's New York Daily News supporting Hoffman has been torn between remaining true the mother of his three children and a girlfriend. I -- -- more strange behavior from actor Shia LaBeouf just days after he wore paper bag over his head and a German premier and walked out of a news conference LaBeouf. Opened his. I am sorry performance art show in Los Angeles yesterday they shed some tears showed just how sorry he really -- This art show is mostly just the 27 year old actor sitting in the room. With a bag over his head -- either the same bag or a new one but either way it has the same message on it. I am not famous anymore I'm. People who have attended say the person under the back presumably -- had red watery eyes when I guess walks and one at a time they are told to choose an item from the table. They can pick a book but with. A wrench after that Shia simply stares of the visitor. The show runs through Sunday and that is credited TMC and that sounds incredible encore I don't think that he had taken -- that general now whenever. Right now here's something you don't see every day. Billy Ray Cyrus is back. And it looks like he's taking his musical cues. Maybe from his daughter Miley Billy Ray -- a new cold -- he -- three Mexican achy breaky heart but and you have new beat ends. I don't know what you call this an interesting to check it out. Yeah. I'm world. -- anybody in that video man. What is that like make -- Rich Harden didn't say yes now. Sham anyway -- -- I hear anything happens to -- Karen before I don't quite know that I didn't. Then -- haven't hit bottom Virgin Islands in 1992 hit -- with -- Muslims. Certainly happen bug if they're having we're -- suffering. It's. Questionable choices that we make that one that anyway but finally a familiar face will be hosting the Tony Awards in June. It's been announced that Hugh Jackman will return to leave the show which recognizes broadway's best the Wolverine star also hosted the Tony's from 2003 to 2005. Jackson won an Emmy award for -- rather for -- hosting performance in 2004. And was nominated. For another the following year -- now Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony's last year. We think about -- -- You and I'm civil war that is the only -- a man's man plays all these acts of violence and then he fixings and dancing you wouldn't believe me just think he's incredible he's still talented yet.

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{"id":22475646,"title":"Philip Seymour Hoffman Diaries Show a Troubled Past","duration":"3:00","description":"Diaries show battles with addiction as well as relationship strife.","url":"/WNN/video/philip-seymour-hoffman-diaries-show-troubled-past-22475646","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}