Pint-Sized Dancing Sensation Goes Viral

A little girl at a wedding gets her groove on to song after song.
2:55 | 09/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pint-Sized Dancing Sensation Goes Viral
All right it's time for the makes everybody and you know when he got -- you've got to put up the video and I'll talk a little bit about -- don't know much about the school but she's at a wedding. -- -- what can you like it's not just getting lucky right now -- kids got it. It's better -- she did Justin -- right now and I don't think she really you know -- Sort of -- it from -- freestyle. Eventually goes into gangland style and just gone viral. Let's just listen from them. That is going -- polite guy you know another song and she. Follow -- instincts -- right. I don't know -- -- -- -- The next Dari -- An -- Tuesday after video and viral. The next day after the -- in the next aria or video are you telling had a job out of -- -- theater. Take a look at this woman she was secretly filmed the back then -- have -- dancing away. He didn't call about the and a -- just look like you. I don't know what was his home vaccines smoldering -- and I must. That's subject to. -- violating across the street peanut butter that she outlook and in Atlanta easily uploaded to the -- this thing goes Korean team Ireland. A couple of days. Play -- point theater. You know hometown and now it's amazing what I'll I'll wait to get better just Wednesday that a little girl -- -- Atlanta journal market. You know that now and Tuesday now coming up all economically any any music I want from the top of the latest. Into the Mississippi no bigger than his father I don't want talk -- was not canyon near your heart we can't. Not yet come up pregnant women is correct and I want to -- fifty -- if you're into this or not that and -- study saying pregnant women obsessed with cleaning and -- And it says the women's are urged to clean and organize and get their life in order to finally spending goes back thousands a year -- That's what I think age that would be. Women are also more selective of the company they keep when they're pregnant. Plus all of this sort of like they did they make -- a little smaller okay. And they themselves doesn't even like modern women amounts of -- knobs in the kitchen on -- -- and and disinfect them. -- got -- that crazy I haven't got that crazy but -- -- you don't get crazy you do you can't really do you don't need to study to tell you all women who has ever had a child we'll tell you somewhere along the way Jessica. Yes and -- -- there.

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{"id":20288799,"title":"Pint-Sized Dancing Sensation Goes Viral","duration":"2:55","description":"A little girl at a wedding gets her groove on to song after song.","url":"/WNN/video/pint-sized-dancing-sensation-viral-20288799","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}