Pipe Dream

Robbie Maddison, a 34-year-old stunt rider, surfs waves on a dirt bike in Tahiti.
2:51 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for Pipe Dream
I tied for the Mets who start with a stunt bike right error. But we going to show you his latest stunt. With his bike and it does does not involve hill's third or anything like that on land. That picture is pretty incredible. If you just see this guy it appears that he is riding his bike across the world and how is this possible exactly not necessarily possible. But let's go Victor but what he's doing it is 34 year old he's a stunt rider from Australia his name is Robbie Madison. Maybe discover retrofitted. It put on the float had to have special inflatable airbags means ball from the fighting yet to learn how to ride it down from the water but two of them killed my but it looks. As cool as anything it looked like you. Right nipple of. Mike does a lot of times good to pray five for second at buys trying to one up case. Via Jesus do you laugh and but you would have lived with hot topic. I didn't think that if there. We're gonna move I doubt to wag the feet of the and pretty impressive just a woman takes Kate. Take a look. This is kill animal body she gave the world female B spot check in a 2015. Is. This month month month and from a maximum. Amount amount. Yeah month month month month and has gotten more than a 150000. Views she. About competition and may but this video going viral right now the coast of. It would have been a hell of space meant going competence. When the with the system the safest bet just sit back there could be a problem that though I did not know that with the bug content it was too. It's quite content next it's not much good batting practice can imagine practicing this. But it does seem like a good washed up for before the show what he gets your eye on out to write good saga. Very good at that she is having thoughts. She's the queen that I got wobble here for you some people have lost struggle get out of bed in the morning wolf this will solve you'll grow. This guy had invented a bed that if the that if we get. He checks you look at it. If Paul you'll have a choice. It blew it off. This is your proof that the British inventor and yet horn ball. You'll have a choice you will get out of that no matter what that when I first heard about this bout thought whose views were. Something else if you will for. Killed somebody overseas are welcoming people. Up up up up fabricating a I was there on all the local visit but you have to aim it towards the weak daylight to bet that's right that's part of that. It's so you could whatever you you knew you were I will get it from my spare.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Robbie Maddison, a 34-year-old stunt rider, surfs waves on a dirt bike in Tahiti. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32844872","title":"Pipe Dream","url":"/WNN/video/pipe-dream-32844872"}