The Pizza Diet?

Imagine eating nothing but pizza -- for decades.
2:59 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for The Pizza Diet?
World news now delivers your morning -- OK so this story for us to conduct from the sun a woman who is 33. Has been eating not CNET but cheese pizza since she was it clear results over the last 31 years. Cheese pizza and that it nothing you know not not -- Alice she exercises drinks plenty of water. But the problem is that the results -- her diet she isn't provided any minerals any vitamins she suffers from actually a mental illness called. Selected eating disorder but she is getting help. I'm all about pizza and -- I would -- to good -- of protein. -- fat but. Nothing maybe thirty very courteous just pizza like that and I had a starter from last of the selecting me she only except obviously the only one thing that's it -- it -- -- -- -- Who'll really just she's having -- know now just. Wow that's and she's okay -- -- exercise -- the -- should exercise entries -- now but she's suffering from Ed a lot of new nutrition deficiency many deficiencies -- anything else. -- -- Yeah well she needs some help and folks failing you -- little bit of help to this -- in the Salt Lake Tribune work great couple there in Utah they are seeking. -- permits to be the State's first to run the State's first residential treatment center for pornography. Addicts they're looking for a five acre site but they -- -- to eight men. Within 45 days of therapy to get over theirs they're not sex addiction -- porn addiction here when you thought was an exercise focus on -- healthy diet here. Hopefully -- will hold you know cover part of the cost they are dead but. Here they want to help cure these. Port users and -- you know saying it's it's a bigger problem that he would think I don't know how one goes about. You know curing porn -- I assume it's -- hands off approach I don't kind of what that entails you know but -- -- -- -- and -- -- That you don't have any issues with -- -- you and -- -- and I don't know the face of this trend of the New York Daily News a Dutch company has come up with these genes that that. Have. Got wireless keyboard actually Sony into them so that you can be a working computer on the -- that's actually built into an okay. The idea was that she could log into your computer and control -- without sitting in a closed environment New Hampshire does he -- -- of allied. A code on the go speakers are sound. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most of them were really amount of mistrust. -- an -- Rodman in my and in Atlanta and you're here working that you wanted to. Stevens who would have there's or better yet -- -- ended. Hit me and I was trying to sort of a little letter for the public image and you can't watch the genes get -- -- then I'll have been stopped. -- -- that and that's that. They do it -- -- where you go forward now go ahead and. Don't have -- Dickerson president and double click that -- -- stepped --

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{"id":15772758,"title":"The Pizza Diet?","duration":"2:59","description":"Imagine eating nothing but pizza -- for decades.","url":"/WNN/video/pizza-diet-15772758","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}