Police Officers Wounded in Ferguson Shooting

ABC's Mary Moore discusses the tension and fear that followed the shooting.
3:51 | 03/12/15

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Transcript for Police Officers Wounded in Ferguson Shooting
We have this breaking news out of Ferguson Missouri two police officers. Shot overnight outside police headquarters say it happened a demonstration would dozens of protesters celebrating the police chief's resignation. Calling for more dismissals those two officers both wounded seriously we're not from Ferguson ABC's body can honey has the latest. Protesters and journalists in Ferguson say they were packing up and clearing out. When suddenly at midnight gunfire. He saw the muzzle fire from the good of the atop street and so we are kind of just look around. And wasn't done Dallas on Apple's shower next to us. The validity hitting two officers from neighboring police departments a Saint Louis county officer struck in the shoulder. A Webster Groves officer shot in the face they repaired a helped keep watch over the protesters gathered outside the Ferguson police station. After the resignation Wednesday a police chief Tom Jackson he is the sixth city employee to resign or be fired since the release last week of a scathing Justice Department report. Finding widespread racial bias in the city and police department. Ferguson first erupted into protest becoming violent at times after the fatal shooting in August of unarmed black eighteen year old Michael Brown. I'll white officer Darren Wilson police say this morning at least three shots were fired them. Good. And police officers were standing there. And they were shocked. They have just because they were police officers the gunman still on the loose and dozens of witnesses shaken. Bullets were rare really right past my. It was it was kind of dramatic they do here I'm still kind of sad because you. ABC's Bob to canady thanks so much bossy now joining us live over the phone is our ABC producer Mary more merry. Good morning to you can you tell us exactly what you're seeing right now. Good morning I'm looking at the police state and we have different municipalities. I'm parked in front of their targets and police department and then there's bill. Oh look like they're still looking to turn I want though they feel they're armed and walking. Around. And as you mentioned these. He sells is from different municipalities. And we are about to also sought shot and sure enough they're not from the Ferguson police department what do we know about the conditions at this point. I'm over Kevin really hurting thing about their conditions army tried asking questions. You know they were dignified and having the brown uniforms so. That's typically Saint Louis county office the. And Mary what is your sense right now officials there before. A very long time have been worried about things escalating yet again do you get that sense of this could concert set things off again. I'm definitely I felt like that with gonna happen after the press conference earlier you know we came outside to press conference and there was kind of a problem. Which can Darren Wilson protesters that showed because they were you know not in favor of chief Jack and Tom you know stepping down. So all night you know there's kind of been a tension in the air. Okay ABC producer Mary Moore Mary thank you so much. Then we are getting new video now just in from that scene you can see take a look investigators. Going over evidence from the shooting it appears to be the officer's helmet on the ground this video taken just minutes ago. That's a grassy area across the street from the Ferguson police department then of course as soon as news broke of the shooting pictures that are popping up immediately on social media many of the images on Twitter show protesters standing toe to toe. With police officers other showing officers with their guns drawn certainly and very tense scene moments after the shooting. They were keeping a close eye on this story again the breaking news overnight to police officer shot. In Ferguson Missouri during a protest and there you can stay with ABC news with the very latest on the officers shot another update later on America this morning and of course we'll have another round up for you on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"ABC's Mary Moore discusses the tension and fear that followed the shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29576038","title":"Police Officers Wounded in Ferguson Shooting","url":"/WNN/video/police-officers-wounded-ferguson-shooting-29576038"}