Pope Francis: A Perspective on His Election

ABC News? Bill Blakemore explains the significance of Pope Francis' election.
3:37 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Pope Francis: A Perspective on His Election
Welcome back to our continuing coverage of the election of Pope Francis a surprise selection for many Catholics and for some insight now we -- joined by ABC news venture in. Bill Blakemore who is serving as ABC's Rome bureau chief and Vatican correspondent thank -- -- so much for -- every certainly appreciated what was your first reaction of yesterday we heard the big news. Well because that was in the square when John Paul the second was elected we -- all blown away by all the first of John Paul the second he was the first non Italian Pope in 455 years the first. From a -- country and from a Communist country. There were so many firsts with just hope he is the first from the new world the first from Latin America the first from the global south the first Jezebel which is a big deal and even more. The first Pope to take the name of France after Francis of -- And that's sending a lot of signals so it gives a sense of and in that of an intention to release. Do something new rules of them leading some change and real -- all those first which one do you think is the most telling of the direction of the church. Choosing the name Frances. There's some things we know for sure about this Pope and his affinity was -- -- of the CC. Saint Francis of Assisi was very much for the poor saint Francis of -- -- -- I had an idea to reform the church were to become very rich and and needed to change. And he was also a bridge -- -- -- reached out to other states and we know that that's all true of a Virgo Leo of Argentina. The big question is whether that other aspect of saint Francis of Assisi the -- patrons into the environment famous for. Talking to the animals preaching to the birds and of course some people who say those two singles and stood on the -- the chimney before may have been there as a sign that Saint Francis the was coming up. -- in way that we don't know yet exactly whether or not as as Pope. This new Pope will also take that aspect of a Saint Francis -- into his new -- -- as his two predecessors is a very interesting point did. We'll visit the sixteen and John Paul the second you both worked very hard on updating the theology. Of the Catholic Church. To be ready for the environmental crises which are facing us in this new. The century was a theology that says harming the environment is a sin because it's a sign of disrespect for men but we don't know yet whether -- goalie we'll do that. Knowing what we've heard about him kind of friends again and we've heard progressive moderate conservative orthodox. What do we know about his personality and and what he is going to bring to the church of the game changer. -- -- This is a big mystery in some ways he certainly has the common touch that it was remarkable when he went out on the balcony how -- immediately. He connected with the crowd got interactive right away he brought up. The reason today to say the lord's prayer the ave Maria so it was immediately back and forth together. He asked them to pray for him via his voice is very soft and and -- us. He's a remarkable way of of connecting to the crowd so. It seems -- will have a big popular appeal that -- the -- question we don't know. -- is whether he will be able to come in because he's a Vatican outsider who spent almost his entire career in Argentina. Whether he'll become be able to come in and take over control of that ancient bureaucracy. Which goes all the way back to Roman empire some of the same terms the -- the same terms -- use the Roman empire. That that tradition bound Vatican bureaucracy will he be able. To handle them in a way to get a new kind of control so that they can handle some of their worst crises such as for example the terrible way that as everybody agrees that they've not been able to to handle. The child abuse crisis the sex abuse crisis a shortage of priests financial matters his. He's played his formal thank you so much for the -- -- we appreciate no one knows more about this and you give thanks for sharing some time with us -- -- -- -- -- very exciting to -- absolutely.

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{"id":18726520,"title":"Pope Francis: A Perspective on His Election","duration":"3:37","description":"ABC News? Bill Blakemore explains the significance of Pope Francis' election.","url":"/WNN/video/pope-francis-perspective-election-18726520","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}