The Power of Smiling

Study suggests that a man's smile can impact a woman's perception of him.
2:56 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for The Power of Smiling
The -- of existing studies definitive -- -- point to this morning that's what comes from. The University of Granada in dismayed over there -- basically saying -- that based on their experiment. -- men smile can didn't have a woman's perception of him as well as her. Body language so it found -- -- found women who vacated the men more if the men grinned -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that were obviously you've moved little strange that. Visit when the neighbor to the dominant role could experiment he gave women instruction to locate him more often -- he did it with a smile. -- -- it was even occasionally said a blatant sexist statement. Afterwards which again it seems -- but this -- a body language -- part of the study said the funds were troubling. But it could be because women rely on body language of more than -- To make. Decisions of -- is some evidence nice smile whatever their hero -- a woman. According to others are more receptive to -- -- maybe -- -- and it's slightly distasteful. Aviation evidence misogynist pig and just smile and as a yeah. And it -- -- was please stay independent but let me yeah. I can't make sense that this next Saturday -- researchers found that a good sense of smell good -- Is key to a successful and lasting relationship that basically tested men and woman that didn't have a factor going and they haven't had no sentence now. And on average the man born without a sense of smell has two partners compared to ten for a normal mail they found that a faulty sense of smell. But -- insecurity. And problem socializing in finding love. Are both effective and also your -- wondering we'll what he smelled bad if that makes person it can make a person insecure and that could spill over into the love life. That he's not in. How many -- isn't bad mom are not backed -- that's that's premium accidental but the good stuff but I think I -- not enough time -- all the time. -- doesn't. -- message. This latest -- of -- -- -- of where we are the culture I don't know how you -- read this -- Steve -- out there this book the pill is now for a little while let's back in the news according to the Daily Mail. This is the new children's book that's out it's called good night dad went to come to expect when someone you love goes to jail all of this young rabbit -- -- After he loses -- -- for several years. That goes off to jail for something better that. Tips for dealing with the hard to -- losing a parent what to expect. -- part of the legal process here and enjoy the book has done well with some people say this is a good thing because it does coach kids through what can be a rough time. For the family of a parent goes to the -- Here's an excerpt death sentences for six years it's a long time to wait to go fishing again I'm still a little angry but I'm working for giving my dad because -- -- and we'll. Did god tell that got a smile too much -- --

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{"id":17866975,"title":"The Power of Smiling","duration":"2:56","description":"Study suggests that a man's smile can impact a woman's perception of him.","url":"/WNN/video/power-smiling-17866975","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}