Powerful Storm Dumps Snow, Blamed for 8 Traffic-Related Deaths

Much of the country is plunged into a deep freeze, with some areas 30 degrees below normal temperatures.
2:53 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Powerful Storm Dumps Snow, Blamed for 8 Traffic-Related Deaths
America's number one -- When we begin of that powerful and deadly storm system that is dumping heavy rain and snow across a wide swath of the country. That's storm system is now blamed for at least eight traffic related death. Much of that country plunged into a pre winter deep freeze some areas seeing highs today thirty degrees below normal. It is already causing major headaches for holiday travelers. The storm system is for the wide swath of the nation -- a pre winter cold snap the northeast is getting hit after New Mexico got dumped with a foot and a half of snow. -- interstates were spared from treacherous conditions including this want to know. The city where an SUV rollover was caught on dash cam video. -- -- -- No one was hurt in that -- over but in south central Pennsylvania 77 year old woman was killed in a multi vehicle pileup. There were guys that had this huge huge -- -- was -- a van out of immediately people really did come together to help plan there are also coming together first responders and Western New York coming from four counties to rescue hunter who became trapped in waist deep water. And in noble Oklahoma very different kind of rescue a flock of tiny ready ducks their wings I east. Literally falling from the sky towards what they apparently thought was glistening water but that was really ice on the road. The edges of their peak. Have gotten very bad bruising and bleeding -- -- and the peaks so they must have. I'm no start as the storm system moves through the southwest hundreds of flights were canceled at Dallas Fort Worth as crews scrambled to deicing the planes. But in the mountains of Nevada not everyone is seeing the two feet of snow is necessarily a bad. -- you have fun and I was over there to get out here my guys have -- -- move your mom. -- -- system is expected to hit the south and east on Tuesday and Wednesday. And any time it's packing quite a blow in the west with heavy snowfall in Colorado Springs causing treacherous driving conditions but. So gorgeous winter scenes AccuWeather meteorologist Andrew but Bellini joins us now good morning and -- Thank you and good morning John and -- unfortunately some terrible news for folks traveling along the east it is going to be a nightmare. Wednesday and Thursday big storm system brewing originating in the south and east Tuesday night that pushes into the mid Atlantic and into Wednesday. Heavy heavy rainfall along the I 95 quarter or. Areas of flooding possible and then a big threat -- -- originating in the appalachians West Virginia Tuesday night into Wednesday. Pittsburgh PA could see three to six inches and especially along the New York State -- including Syracuse sixty even twelve inches John anti back -- -- Candor and -- ABC news for the latest on the storm Sam Champion but haven't the latest track and timing. Coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"id":21001473,"title":"Powerful Storm Dumps Snow, Blamed for 8 Traffic-Related Deaths","duration":"2:53","description":"Much of the country is plunged into a deep freeze, with some areas 30 degrees below normal temperatures.","url":"/WNN/video/powerful-storm-dumps-snow-blamed-traffic-related-deaths-21001473","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}