Powerful Winter Storm to Hit the Nation

The storm will stretch into the nation's midsection bringing heavy rain, hail and a foot of mountain snow.
1:44 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Powerful Winter Storm to Hit the Nation
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 the early morning news. This normal stretch all the way into the nation's midsection and it comes as Florida. Braces for another frigid morning and the sunshine state and New England digging out from yet. Another story. With wind gusts out of the north gusting up to fifty or sixty miles an hour some northeast states and buried by historic snowfall are getting another Arctic blast Maine is getting the worst of blowing snow and a white out condition can make visibility zero. Maine is expecting up to eight inches of snow along the coast with more snow -- On Cape Cod in Massachusetts cars are still buried in snow banks from the last storm. With gusty winds and high surf there are more worries now about coastal damage. On New York's Long Island plows and salt trucks tried to -- with a rapidly changing conditions. Connecticut towns waiting for federal disaster relief money from the last storm are seeing snow removal cost -- up. You know we could fall Parker -- Italian -- I don't think nobody really knows and anywhere from forty to fifty dollars -- the date. The harsh Arctic weather put Florida's farmers into disaster mode as subfreezing temperatures threaten crops yet again. The northeast is not alone and miserable conditions hit the -- lakes heavy lake effect snow fell on northeast Ohio. With that during the middle and I know look like a blizzard outside and further west heavy snow and strong winds are causing problems from the Rockies to the Dakotas -- as another nasty dose of winter hits the nation with spring steal more than a month away.

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{"id":18527908,"title":"Powerful Winter Storm to Hit the Nation","duration":"1:44","description":"The storm will stretch into the nation's midsection bringing heavy rain, hail and a foot of mountain snow.","url":"/WNN/video/powerful-winter-storm-hit-nation-18527908","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}