President Trump's first foreign trip

The President gears up for his eight-day journey to the Middle East and Europe. ABC's Katherine Faulders reports.
1:36 | 05/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump's first foreign trip
Amid all the controversy here in the US president trump we'll leave on his first foreign trip since taking office. The eight day journey begins in Saudi Arabia where he's hoping to advance his campaign promise to wipe out terrorism. ABC's Catherine fathers has more. I'll set for his first trip abroad apps commander in chief. President somethings in nine day journey to the Middle East in Europe but it cam two weeks has certainly. Cast a cloud over what the administration hopes could be a constructive debut on the world stage. White House sources tell us the president wants to demonstrate leadership abroad and recruit new allies in the Middle East a partner in the fight against radical. Before his trip to the G-7 summit in Belgium the president will send a message by meeting with leaders of three of the world's major religions. Saturday he will visit with Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia in next week will meet with the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian president. He will then travel to the Vatican for his first face to face meeting with Pope Francis. Now what do we do not expect during the president's trip is an announcement about moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Officials caution that this is just not the right time as the administration. Focuses on the war according a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Now this is a high stakes visit for a president who was hoping to turn the page on a stunning. Two weeks of us presidency here in Washington over the fact that he disclosed classified information with members of the Russian government in the Oval Office. And then he instructed former FBI director James homey to end an investigation into his former national security advisor Michael plan. The president denied that allegation yesterday capping fathers ABC news the White House.

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{"id":47507650,"title":"President Trump's first foreign trip","duration":"1:36","description":"The President gears up for his eight-day journey to the Middle East and Europe. ABC's Katherine Faulders reports.","url":"/WNN/video/president-trumps-foreign-trip-47507650","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}