Presidential Debate 2012: Who Gets the Bounce?

ABC News Senior Washington Editor Rick Klein discusses the candidates' performances at Hofstra University.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Presidential Debate 2012: Who Gets the Bounce?
Our debate coverage continues -- ABC's senior Washington editor Rick Klein -- has always appreciate you being here with us talk a little bit about I guess. What's it was the strength for each guy last night what was their home -- President Obama was able look presidential he have the big moment that he needed especially in that Libya answer -- I thought was so effective. And then beyond that he did -- for the next four years he hasn't really until the end of that debate -- and ask for another term. Explicitly of one of these the -- He finally got around to that and I think begins that kind of fill in some of the gaps throughout this and I think for Mitt Romney. Just be the aggressive style of questioning I think for a lot of people ask questions particularly the Republican base but also some independents out there they want to know is this president going to be held to account for his -- For his missed opportunities and broken promises he was able to do that show that he belongs on the state I think another strong debate -- -- -- What do you think this does for both candidates and -- do you think it'll shake out as steel. Who would benefited more. This -- the tide in terms of the people that we're going into that Romney column I think we're gonna see the -- the race frozen a little bit right now. And I think some of the Obama supporters are going to be more energized -- you're gonna see the polling reflects -- -- likely voters in this election are -- -- be. A little bit more edging toward Obama and I think any idea of an exodus away from Obama is going to be stopped -- -- -- chance to just pause things right now and reestablish the race in the next -- and beyond. Let's be honest this thing's gonna boil down to seems aimed at this point Ohio. Former Ohio Florida and Virginia where things stand in those states and what is it looking like now mathematically to get to 27 to. You -- in Florida and Virginia look a little bit better. For Romney but that Ohio is so stubborn and you see Obama staying above 50%. Is it that means he has to not just convince undecided voters but people that are now supported President Obama has to get them -- The other side. -- all about the Buckeye State and on Monday 83 and final presidential debate in Florida all about. Foreign policy stay tuned for that third and final things winding down thanks -- you appreciate it thank you.

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{"id":17498998,"title":"Presidential Debate 2012: Who Gets the Bounce?","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News Senior Washington Editor Rick Klein discusses the candidates' performances at Hofstra University.","url":"/WNN/video/presidential-debate-2012-who-gets-the-bounce-17498998","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}