The Prince Flies Coach

A photo surfaces of Prince William flying coach from Memphis.
3:50 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for The Prince Flies Coach
-- the skinny this morning Prince William his. Blood may be blue but he's apparently a regular guy the future -- was spotted on an American Airlines flight from Memphis -- -- countless lives. A lot of common -- -- Theriot you can get back on -- -- in the windows eight you have. Prince was in Memphis her friend's wedding Queen Elizabeth reportedly had asked all -- pay for their own travel and personal trips and avoid displays. An extravagant you don't know we have our answer as to why you know your -- he gets in first class something is wrong. I would like to know what would happen if Kate and the baby were without. Well it -- I don't think -- -- that took pride we all know Rihanna isn't -- with some of this -- she posted topless and bottomless photos from work ethic that says -- -- with the French magazine -- I quickly issued a warning at -- responded by taking down the -- and hosted. I mean making fun of its program -- now hearing tyrant Saddam account has -- -- vanishing act. The photo sharing site disabled -- of the -- -- the twelve million followers and us wondering what's going on. The spokesperson for -- -- -- says that the site was only disabled briefly and then quickly restored but when we tried to check it out a few hours ago. We were greeted with this saying -- not. Talent all right can -- -- Sheehan apparently still a single lady earlier in the week reports that -- that humankind they had wet. But at the met gala after being asked by boat whether she should be called mrs. west -- Kim Kardashian respondents still can't let mrs. west soon. -- -- that she's tried on quite a few wedding dresses but she's finally narrowed it down check this out Justin -- Looks like he's moved on from Selena Gomez he's been spotted with a new love interest Harry here she is -- Ball boy eighteen year old model named. He'll none of Ventura and that you were cozying up on the -- the boardwalk in Venice Beach an eyewitness says that they were acting like a couple having drinks and snacks taking a ride on the bicycle workshop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talking late march for injury is still in high school by the way why. She has led the young woman who how -- the C span nineteen. Quite. If you have eighteen year old daughter and Justin Bieber fines run ins -- grams -- -- yeah. -- might not like I don't know about that -- art could be a new career from Leonardo DiCaprio after vowing to take a long break from acting to what Wall Street stars apparently letting -- imitate art. Snapping up more than 23 million dollars in property since February 3 of them had to be exact. Ladies investment check out these renderings of ten million dollar to better apartment in Manhattan's Greenwich Village features. Posture support he reflexology. Flooring -- one that is hi dawn. Simulation lighting vitamin C -- showers and wellness concierge the only -- and I have that. Whatever that is happening while we are dealing with real estate remember a huge mansion that patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife -- had -- built in Los Angeles. I do live in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you live in the fifty million dollar -- before putting it on the market while hip hop mogul doctor Andres -- did out and no body at the place was being fully furnished. Should vote to -- saying no thanks to the -- -- jury is bringing in his own stuff including a network of about 550. Million dollars I'll sell a lot of headphones by a place like. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"A photo surfaces of Prince William flying coach from Memphis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23619039","title":"The Prince Flies Coach","url":"/WNN/video/prince-flies-coach-23619039"}