Prince to Do a Guest Spot on 'New Girl'

The enigmatic singer is a fan of the show and contacted them to be a guest.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince to Do a Guest Spot on 'New Girl'
Yeah for this -- and leaping in with some unlikely bedfellows. Pair of the artists known once again as prince and the show new girl apparently the pop star. It's a huge fan of the show and personally contacted the producers. To get a cameo role heading executive producer says prince knows everything about this show prince will play -- self. And spend his time trying to get to the other characters. Back together -- -- episodes can -- sometime. After the Super Bowl and it -- he also contacted. Zooey Deschanel. Directly as well thinking did think he'd do this like anyone would say no right to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- who -- that -- eight is enough for reality star Jon Gosselin. The former Jon and Kate plus eight star. Has revealed that he has in fact had in the -- -- or more accurately he said quote. I'm -- -- -- -- an average case drama during their high profile break it was of course a very bitter divorce. -- -- back in the saddle he has a girlfriend and of course they are on a reality show. This one is called couples therapy that could -- -- that show -- its relationship to his girlfriend by the way has three kids so. Is that between eleven kids I would say yes and a -- ago he's fixed. -- -- -- All right she's being called Hollywood's new it girl but its -- -- and young goes performance in twelve years a slave that is getting critical acclaim. Yahoo! appears on that current cover of dazed and confused there are showing how stunningly beautiful and poised she is she. -- these -- dozens -- gorgeous and she's so talented. That this is a far cry from her hunting and I telling you so -- her performance is just heartbreaking to -- you have to see -- who lead excellence she plays the role of patsy at slave. Who is taken as -- mistress -- the brutal slave owner it's really difficult to watch at times but yeah. Quijano -- for the -- -- actually inspired. By all people Michael Jackson realized it yet me she says it's the child like quality that he had she had to have this kind of innocence to her. And so when she says like Jackson patsy -- her childhood stripped away so that's what I insurance. And yes -- -- look like that inspiration did pay off by laying down there was. Nominated per Screen Actors Guild award -- today an independent spirit awards and some -- an Oscar nomination. Is likely. Yeah -- she's -- -- yes -- and Italy too -- -- -- old music video that has just gone viral. But -- in the usual way this is not -- -- musician that you would expect check it out. Yeah. Excuse me the police -- -- materials these things sixteenth birthday party -- back in October 2011. -- what -- I really -- -- somehow descended that's going on YouTube few days ago there has 800000. News you can see why. Concert was held at the beacon theater right here in Manhattan -- -- many times at elite team and -- can imagine got the crowd I didn't mean. -- came back.

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{"id":21538578,"title":"Prince to Do a Guest Spot on 'New Girl'","duration":"3:00","description":"The enigmatic singer is a fan of the show and contacted them to be a guest.","url":"/WNN/video/prince-guest-spot-girl-21538578","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}