Prince Harry Seen Smooching on the Slopes

The Prince has been witnessed making out with his girlfriend on holiday and in restaurants.
3:26 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry Seen Smooching on the Slopes
Okay. Whoa -- laying low but yeah. Out of there and I. -- -- then everybody. What else did is -- -- his house the I think we're starting point Harry once again Prince Harry is in the news this time because in society model. -- were apparently snapped kissing like teenagers. They've been dating they've gotten cozy. And we've seen him in all of his Gloria and those Vegas pitchers are new pictures now again and her that's that is on his future by the way even heard of kissing. Apparently it's -- a restaurant where diners were looking on they couldn't believe -- he was saying she was sitting on his lap and they were sucking face in front of everybody's got. There he is once again and he has been very careful about the fact that he is not a fan. Paparazzi and the media kind of talking about him when he -- some stuff that's really good like he fights and wars and he gives to charity and then all -- talk. About it and he -- -- and all the Harry and Harry -- it all they did that man does not have a boring life and we all know that so hopefully I'm sure that we -- but that relationship last the next ten minutes. There's going to be beautiful thing yeah by the end of it yeah. What exactly -- -- card dashing back to the news I know there's always a backlash about Kim -- on the show. But it's. It major news here apparently if she is jumping off the court that she and -- she wants her privacy. She is saying that the ninth season giving up with a card that she -- will be her last season -- -- reality TV is about to become a thing of the past are. Then they'll popular saying -- -- is only giving it to get your own show because. Powell she of all people not -- term pregnancy and raising her baby with Gagne. How -- not been turned into reality -- but she's station leaving it all behind and after nine seasons he's out. -- yet they keep. Up with Kim and counting ahead that's that's and that's the problem she shouldn't. Think in the next day that's that's the spin -- and -- courtesy sonogram that you -- you wait. Irate so this just kind of throwback an automatic -- from the eighty he's ladies and hard -- did you catch wow. Yes remember different world spin off from. Cosby show well Lou Myers has passed away all he was mr. burger gains in eighty shadow he was 77 years old. Heart related emergency and he passed away. From pneumonia -- -- -- -- -- No one of the Gaza assertive role more than I do he was funny you know what all that show never -- in the head authorities -- -- -- Tim White -- now. And it -- is a really good character -- I was sorry to see him. Let's hear about bad news this morning some way that president -- there's only a fraction of America got to know we're talking about -- -- -- you presidential you know we're talking. Also said McFarlin come. Well pretty much saying look he's the host the Oscars this Sunday and expects bad reviews saying. You go into it knowing that even if you put on the greatest show in the world you're probably going to be lambasted in the press he might as well enjoy yourself enjoy -- obviously -- bringing him in. He's exceptionally funny guy -- Family Guy. But it is a tough game he's ever drawn the younger viewers but look the critics always have a field day on the -- Oscars so we wish him well though. I think it's going to be the funniest one yet he's a funny guy but he's more Ricky Gervais that he is Billy Crystal so to him.

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{"id":18554649,"title":"Prince Harry Seen Smooching on the Slopes","duration":"3:26","description":"The Prince has been witnessed making out with his girlfriend on holiday and in restaurants.","url":"/WNN/video/prince-harry-smooching-slopes-18554649","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}